joi, 6 ianuarie 2011

the uniform was lace

I'm posting some pictures from my NYE party in Wish club (Constanta). It was so much fun, but fashionably speaking, everybody was wearing black, I mean it was like a secret society all dressed in black, most of the girls wearing lace. As I was also... Well, it didn't really bother me, as I went for a Marilynesque look which no one else had! haha!!

this is hilarious!! though it's the only pic in which my hair looks as I wanted it too look

hair gone rogue
my friend andreea is the one that introduced me and my baby 2 years ago!! :*:*:*

And this is her make up done by me!! :D:D:D

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6 comentarii:

  1. coooool pictures!! Your hair looks adorable btw :p
    Very nice post !!


  2. Thanks for your comment, dear!
    I'm following you on twitter, mine is /dydycore! <3

  3. lokos like you had a lovely time :)
    loving your hair!! x

  4. LOOOOOOOOOVE the pics :)