vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

Best smelling shampoo !

The best smelling shampoo that I ever had is SCHWARZKOPF GLISS SHAMPOO TOTAL REPAIR. In the last three years I've used L'Oreal Elseve and I've just bought Gliss for testing it. It's great. It makes your hair feel healty, shiny and smells absolutely wonderful.
Speaking about hair I HIGHLY recommend Avon's Planet Spa Olive hair mask and the Avon Advance Techniques dry ends serum. They have saved my hair from a lot of shit ! I've change my color and my hair cut so many times in the last few years and it would have been hard to keep up and still have a beautiful hair :D

Thankful for blogs

Since I saw the proposal of bloglovin for everyone to post the blogs they're thankful for, I would like to post my favs:

So these are my favorites, especially Kandee's one. I absolutely love her. She make me smile everyday and she is such an energy source! Kandee is the best!
As for a fashion blog that's worth following, Karla's closet and Jane's sea of shoes are really promoting style, good taste and high fashion.

Everybody go to the link bellow to find out how you can show the world your favourite blogs

joi, 26 noiembrie 2009

Famous Romanian models

Irina Lazareanu
Diana Dondoe
Andreea Diaconu

Here are three of the most famous Romanian models at the moment. I've posted below the picture the link to some web pages where you can find some info about them. My favorite is Irina Lazareanu, also known as one of Lagerfeld's muses.

duminică, 15 noiembrie 2009

The slim heel

Since everybody is speaking about the return of the slim heel I thought I would show some of my favs for spring 2010. The original collection was made by, these are just a few that impressed me. They are both platform and not, but personally I can't wait to get down from the platforms, even if I'm not very tall :P
Victor & Rolf
Victor & Rolf
Tabitha Simmons
Roger Vivier
Sergio Rossi
Manolo Blahnik
Christian Louboutin
Camilla Skovgaard

luni, 9 noiembrie 2009


It's been a long time since my last post, because I was very sick with my stomach.
Here are some photos with the work of my favorite artist at the moment, Kuanth, a 33 years old Singapore artist. He creates wonderful images, from genius commercials to his dark series, which are touching images of asian characters (mostly women) paited in strong colours, usually with a dark backround, in a surreal phisical aspect, sugesting strong emotions.

I just love the deep messaje that translates into them...

P.S. Unfortunatelly I lost my collection of pictures with Kuanth's work (almost all of his public stuff!), when my computer died this summer :(. The pics below are collected from various sources on the Internet.