vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

Best smelling shampoo !

The best smelling shampoo that I ever had is SCHWARZKOPF GLISS SHAMPOO TOTAL REPAIR. In the last three years I've used L'Oreal Elseve and I've just bought Gliss for testing it. It's great. It makes your hair feel healty, shiny and smells absolutely wonderful.
Speaking about hair I HIGHLY recommend Avon's Planet Spa Olive hair mask and the Avon Advance Techniques dry ends serum. They have saved my hair from a lot of shit ! I've change my color and my hair cut so many times in the last few years and it would have been hard to keep up and still have a beautiful hair :D

3 comentarii:

  1. thanks for this shamppo recommendation .
    i've tried all kinds of shampoos' but the scents never seem to 'stick' to my hair at all .
    i'll probably give this a go :)

  2. thanks for the lovely comment:)

    I guess I'll have to try this shampoo out,thanks for sharing.