marți, 1 decembrie 2009

National day, national shoes designer !

Today is our national day here in Romania. On 1 December 1918 all the territories that compose Romania finally united as an independent country and is celebration today here. Also, of course no working :D.

This being the fact I thought I would share some shoes from the autumn/winter 2009 collection of the one considered by many the best Romanian shoes designer. His name is Mihai Albu and you can learn more about him on his web site

Happy 1 December to all the Romanians and everybody have a sunny day ! :*
My fav !!!!

This pale violet shoes and matching clutch are from the summer 2009 collection but I really like them, they're so classy

9 comentarii:

  1. great shoes, love them all!

  2. Love the shoes.


  3. oh really i adore the green heels. such as a great thing! by the way thanks for following my blog :)

  4. Love these! definitely great for holiday!

    following you as well =)

  5. the shoes with the matching clutch are awesome!

    lovely blog!

  6. I love the second pair of shoes, They look so awesome

  7. OH MY GOD! those shoes are peeeerfeeecctooo!

  8. omg love em! ecspecially the first pairs.Never seen those before.


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