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About fashion and clothing

So I thought I need to post my view on fashion, since I got my bachelor's degree in clothing communication and so here it is.

I believe everyone must acknowledge the importance of clothing beyond it's natural function and must understand the other functions, which are mostly cultural. I think it is important to learn how to understand every piece of clothing in everybody, because everything speaks about something, some characteristics of that person. Every cloth means something, it doesn't mater if it is bought yesterday and it costs 1000 $ or if it was bought 10 years ago and it costs 10 $. The important thing is to be aware of what you send as information to the others in your clothing and to be aware of what the others are telling you about.

Everybody is saying something in their clothing, consciously or unconsciously, it's just a mater of learning and searching until you can understand these messages.
These things are well known and they are a part of the sociological theories of communication, mostly the symbolic interaction theories that involve the person to person communication.

It's wonderful to find out at least a little thing about an individual from their appearance, because imagine that in a normal day, you see hundred, maybe thousands of people, most of them you'll never see again in your life and you'll never speak to, but you can tell at least what are their interests, their character, maybe a kind of thinking or behavior if you can analyze their cloths.
We are able to see all these if we put together all of our knowledge and concepts about any color, shape or way of wearing something. Of course we are culturally different and the others are unique also, but living in a society we have a strong basic cultural background with the other around us.
I just think that it is amazing how much information there is in all of our dressing style, even if we are a fashion icon or just a regular day working night dreaming girl.

It is a shame to see people telling me that they don't believe in clothing communication, like it would be a religion or something to believe in. It's just a real fact, it is part of the non-verbal communication and it is part of our life, of our mental formation and it is part of the instruments we use in getting to know the others around us, to understand them or judge them.

More than that I believe we live in a privileged era where there still are important differences of class seen in clothing, but the strong fashion and clothing industry today allows us to better express individuality in personal style than, let's say, a girl a few hundred years ago that had to sew her clothes at home from the materials and pigments that came from the family's animals. Of course I'm not talking about the wealthy people that had the privilege of having tailor made clothes, but about the biggest part of all nations, the common people. And concerning the rich ones, even they were far away from the diversity that we have now. This is important regarding the power of expressing an identity and crossing cultural barriers.

I can tell you I have studied this field and there are so many things I could speak about, unfortunately we don't have the space here and I don't want to bore any of you.
Maybe to most these are very well known things, but that is probably because you are interested in fashion ;)
Anyway this is my take on things and I hope others think alike too.

kiss everybody!

Please send me your opinion on this!

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  1. wow, a degree in clothing communications...sounds like it was fun! loved this commentary...you should do more of these posts and put your degree to use on the blog!

    thanks for the sweet comment!


  2. I think it's a sad paradox that so many people want to make a stand using clothes but just end up looking like everyone else, or turn into someone they're not.

  3. Wowwww,what a great article you wrote. And I feel that clothing helps you express who you are as a person and its really a personal thing with style :)

  4. understand a little Portuguese? it's great to know that!
    I do the translation in English, you see?
    but it is good to know that you try to learn.
    I'm not very good in English, but try. haha
    thanks for visit and coment.
    kisses, darling.

  5. Ohhh I forgot to add,yeahh I do wanna see your tattoo! Did it hurt a lot ?

  6. Re:Ohhhhh,those shoes were just a plain pair of black flats. And the person created a design I wanted and all was done by the person itself. Heeee So yea,I guess it was made only for me :)

  7. That's why you expressed yourself so well... you have a degree in clothing communication.

    I believe that clothing is a form of self-expression and you can convey who you are and what you are capable of by the types of clothes you wear.

  8. Hey sweetie, thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    This is a great post! I believe in dressing up! Your personal style is really an extension of your personality!! Plus it's so fun to experiment and have fun with fashion, I wonder why don't everyone do it??

  9. You wouldn't be boring me! It saddens me that so many see the fashion industry as frivolous. Not only is it a beautiful form of creative expression but it employs thousands of people!

  10. Very nicely said and I completely agree! I don't at all mind your using this design for your dress, and please do share when you have it ready I'd love to see what you come up with!! xo

  11. I love this post, and I am glad you are talking about this. Its definitely not a boring topic and I think I can read even more of what you would say. We really can see what a person is either feeling, thinking and knowing with what they have on and we see them walk by us. A lot of people take the idea of fashion for granted (and as a fashion merchandising student) I see this every day. Fashion gets mocked left and right, and every day I meet someone who thinks im an airhead just because I simply am in love with fashion, they same way a doctor is in love with medicine.

  12. you're welcome Diane :) thank you very much for your compliment<3 and thanks for your support, so kind of you :)

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