luni, 7 decembrie 2009

My Christmas wish list :D:D:D

So, I'm going to post the presents I want from Santa, not because everybody's doing it, but because maybe Santa reads blogs and he'll see my wishes and I'll get them :D

Anyway, at least I hope my boyfriend will read this post and will get me smth !

Keep the fingers crossed!

It's happy season everybody!

First on my list it's the wonderful pinky bubblish super sweet SAMSUNG CORBY, in pink of course, I have to have to have it :D
this is 150 euros in Romania

Second is my 'for the moment' favorite perfume: Insolence from Guerlain
100 euros / 100 ml eau de toilette

Next is a set of professional make up brushes which I don't think I will get because they are so expensive... It's like 15 euros 1 piece of them in Sephora :((
Make up kit from Sephora which I will get for myself if somebody else doesn't, because it's so lovely lovely
i think around 40 - 50 euros

Garnier Nutritionist Coffeine Eye roll-on for eye dark circles
6 euros

a BIG PINK RING, I don't care about which brand it is, which material it is or anything, I just want it to be big and pink :D
??? euros

I also wish for a pink Christmas tree, but I know I won't get one because there are no pink trees in Constanta, where I live, and I don't think Santa will bring it for me from another country, but I hope at least I will find a pink electric lightening for the tree
Stay tunned for pictures of my pink and purple decorated Christmas tree in a week or two !

A cake decorated with fir branches which I will make in the Christmas eve and I hope it will look better than the one in this Internet picture :))

And last but not least I will have my boyfriend's grandma sew me 2 dresses :

one v back gold shiny short dress
and one pink v neck dress, longer and with a deep decolletage

Can't wait to show you guys!

kiss everybody!

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  1. Nice wish list. I would like to have a MAC Make up set.

    Pink Christmas tree is cool!

  2. love the brush set!

  3. good choices! definitely want a set of makeup brushes as well, so fun to play around with

  4. I want a brush set too...if they're that expensive and people still buy them, they must have something going for them.

  5. I love love your Christmas list !! Ohhhh on the brushes,I recommend the Sigma brushes set. They are very much alike to the Mac ones and lots of Makeup youtubers love it soooo much.

    Also lucky you to have 2 dresses sewn for you<3

  6. yayy for the sephora ! id love to have that makeup pack too . i guess its a bit too big for an xmas wishlist though . lol
    and yes its great to have similar tastes with other bloggers :D

    thanks for your comment at my blog :D
    i loveddd this postt !

    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo . Glisters & Blisters

  7. amazing pics.
    i love the big pink ring *----------*

  8. Ooo, that pink tree is tooo adorable! And I would love to have those makeup brushes, too!

  9. that ring is perfection.

  10. That pink agate ring is sooooooo gorgeous!