joi, 3 decembrie 2009

pics of myself from Tuesday :P

Hy, I don't usually post pictures of myself because I don't like the way I look in them. My face is really not camera friendly....Unfortunately ! ... So this is what we did on the 1st of December. Went for a drink in a lovely bar (can't believe I didn't took some pics there! :( )

kiss everybody, have a shiny day !
My lovely self after some whisky and a Cosmopolitan :)) I was felling so free.... I am in love with this Fishbone jacket ! I wear it all the time ! The dress is Piazza Italia
*my hair was in a bad day...
My new ankle boots, made by a local leather shoes factory
My sweetheart, so annoyed by the fact that I was jumping around the car and flashing him while driving ! Sometimes I'm an energy vampire :P

9 comentarii:

  1. Your face is cute! you should definitely do more of them!

  2. You are so lovely and should definitely keep taking more pics of yourself! :)
    Cute outfit. I love those boots!

  3. love your new booties!

  4. Those booties...are amazing. Love them!

  5. thanks for the lovely comment girl!

    I love love your photos,and you look so stunning. Don't be shy of the camera:) And I love love your boots too<3

  6. ooooo i like your boots, love photos like that :), great blog!

  7. oh gosch lovin' the shoes :)
    do you mind exchanging links with me ?

  8. i love those boots VERY MUCH !
    and ur biker jacket is kick ass too .

    great postt dear !
    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo .
    Michelle from Glisters & Blisters