marți, 8 decembrie 2009

Monday pictures!

Here are some pics I took yesterday with my new earings, which I love. They're like a peacock and they're just so fun to wear. I love all kind of colored shiny things :P

This is me being happy with my earrings and my new Mango sweater

A closer look, you can also notice my fake nails, painted pink.
I know fake nails are so not fashionable anymore, but I just love having long nails and mine never grow...
(sorry for the not so good quality of the photos...)
This is a crazy hair do. I just mess it up and it looks cool :D

So for those of you who want to enlighten their day and watch someone fabulous, just click the link, this is Kandee Johnson, probably most of you know her, and for those who don't know her, just watch this video and the related ones and I'm sure you'll be a little more happier and feel more beautiful.

Also you can check out her blog:

I love Kandee!

11 comentarii:

  1. Messy hair is great, it always looks effortlessly chic. You have a beautiful smile :)

  2. love the earrings! so pretty. lovely blog. following you back darling.

  3. great pics !
    love d earrings dear !

    thanks for commenting at my postt..
    visit / follow / and comment me .
    hugs et kisses . GLISTERSandBLISTERS
    enter my blog scarf giveaway

  4. I love the peacock earrings!! I have a pair too, but mine is not so colourful:)

    Adore how you put up your hair, I wish I could do the same to mine!!!

  5. SOOOO pretty!

  6. Love love the earrings and the messy bun,beautiful!

    Ohhhhh,I really feel you should go knit your own cardigan too <3

  7. super cute earrings.

  8. I love the color of your hair!