vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

Pre-fall 2010 favorites !!!

I will show you my fav outfits from the pre fall 2010 collections, at least what we have until now.

It seems to me that black it still dominant, with a few exceptions and the autumn 2010 look will be like a chill out regarding colors, after the electric summer that we will have. Leggings are still in, the urban goth glam is still in.
I am so impressed with the Versace collection. I am not a regular Versace fan, but this time they have 17 pieces of pure energy. Love them!

What do you guys think? What do you like?

Versace. My fav piece in the colection. The leggings remind me of a chocolate fountain :P

Versace. Look at the skirt !!! Pure joy!

Burberry Prorsum. Still in my top 3 favorite brands. There is just something in the Burberry silohuette that fascinates me...

Chanel. Love the hair and the model

Calvin Klein. Great choice of the model. Her attitude is so CK !

Michael Kors. Elegant decadence

Oscar de la Renta, look at her right arm, it looks as if she doesn't have one. Freaks me out :-s

Donna Karan, this turquoise blue will still be hot!

J Mendel. Love the outfit, not the hair. Maybe I'm not deep enough to understand the concept of the hair do, but I don't like it at all...

Pringle of Scotland. I like this one because I love over sized cardigans that keep you warm. And it's cold in the autumn time in Romania...

17 comentarii:

  1. love love loved it! but my favs have to be michael kors and CK! the best!

  2. that first pic is so colourful - love it x

  3. absolutely so gorgeous, very glam and chic^^

  4. all are awesome but my fav is chanel

  5. great post!

  6. love versace and j.mendel too much dear !

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  7. I love love the very last piece! That is an awesome SUPER oversized sweater ! Huge love with it,I'm jealous you have real snow at your side. heeee

  8. I love the last one too...I'm so into huge oversized clothing.

  9. My favourites are Chanel, Burberry Prorsum and Oscar de la Renta. Also loving that oversized cardigan from Pringle!

  10. Oh I love all these pieces, but I share the same favourite Versace piece as you. I love the colourful print and edgy shoulders!

  11. I was pleasantly suprised by Versace too! Loving the 1st look.

  12. Re:Just the right thing,I need big oversized hats now like the ones from American Apparel :)

  13. thank you for your coment hon

    this are so perfect!!

  14. Love the colors! so bold!

  15. OMG the 1st Versace outfit! Loveeesss! I also like the Burberry Prosrum look and the J Mendel dress. Both are beautiful!