sâmbătă, 26 decembrie 2009

My Christmas outfits :)

Hy guys and Merry Christmas to everybody who is celebrating it!

So it's the second Christmas day and I've eaten so much I think I'm going to explode! The Romanian traditional Christmas involves tones of porc meat and a lot of sweets, so...you can imagine.

I spend yesterday with the family of my bf and today we have some visits, going to play card tonight with some friends. So nothing very special.
I received almost all I wished for, the eye make up in so many colors, the brushes, a lot of other different cosmetics (everybody keeps giving me cosmetics, like I am a make up freak, haha, they're so right!), some clothes and I got to do the fir decorated cake (which was eaten already :)) ). Anyway, the best gift of the house was the one I gave my bf, a Iphone 3G 8Gb. He is in love with it forever! Check out the image below!

I'll show you what I was wearing, typical winter look :P

Also, very important, remember my last post about Kandee Johnson? SHE ACTUALLY COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! I told her about the post in a comment on her blog and she saw mine. I felt like flying when I saw the comment, I love Kandee!
Plus, in her today post I saw that we have the exact same earrings shaped like candy canes :D woho!!

I love my faux fur Zara leopard print coat, my mom bought it in Spain

Ha ha ha, my legs look so small in this pic, it's taken from above:P
I was wearing a Sisley skirt and Parfois tote, the rest are bought in Turkey and local stores

This is my Christmas make up, green and red eyes + nude lips :)

This is my second Christmas day look, Bershka blouse a gift from my bf's mom, Pimkie belt from a dress, my Takko skirt and Mango underneath blouse. The leggins and boots are bought from local stores. Please don't mind the mess around the room.

The make-up I did. Didn't want to have all purple, so the eye colours were a very warm red and a goldy beige (the lips were nude, not as pinky as in this pic)

This is my bf in love with his new Iphone, I think now it is melted to his hand :))
He's wearing Levi's jeans, Converse sneakers, Zara shirt and Tommy vest.
My bf got me this set of brushes! They are from Freulein and they are amazing! So soft and really good for different application! I got them from a kind of Romanian Ebay and the price was really good! It is deffinetely a good option for low price brushes (this photo is taken by me)

I finally bought myself, as a Christmas gift this wonderful 120 colors pallete from Beauty Factories. It's really better than I expected. Really pigmented and each color is different (sorry for my bad camera that doesn't show the real colors) :D

Bye everyone! Thanks fo reading!

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  1. That is way too fabulous... Kandee commenting on your blog. Your BF really know how to buy presents...love your makeup brushes.

  2. what an awesome makeup gift festival !
    id love the palette and the brush set as well . i sud be getting good brushes as they effect on how well the makeup goes :D

    what a magnificent postt !
    thanks for sharing this with us..

    thanks commenting on my previous post !
    xoxo . Michelle from
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  3. you look awesome girl, those eyeshadows are awesome!!!

    love your jacket too


  4. omg! we have the same brushes and eye shadow palette! i love your purple look Diane. so gorgeous!


  5. I looove that Zara coat! The make up brush set is such a good present. Hope you had a great Christmas! Keep on eating ;D

  6. Wow.. your eyeshadow is so pretty!!! and I love the leopard print coat!


  7. Love the leopord coat! SO ADORABLE. And what a nice boyfriend. And good for you for treating yourself to all that eyeshadow. All the colours are so BAM and fantastic together!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Awesome jumper with the pompom ties. And jealous of youe eyeshadow palette!


  9. love ur leopard!!


  10. love ur christmas-y eye makeup !
    i think u sud do a video tutorial of it :D

    lovely blog post :D
    thanks for the lovely comments for the blogger interview post.. hope you liked it ..
    Hugs et Kisses.. Michelle @
    glistersANDblisters . blogspot . com

  11. Love love love the leopard coat. SO fab!

  12. Great make-up! You have a color for every occasion!

  13. Hello dear! Lovely photos, it seems like you had a nice time! Love the FOTD, so colourful and bright =)

  14. Great outfits!...Love your eye-makeup here!

    And congrats on getting a comment from Kandee!!


  15. So funky! I love your makeup, especially the last look, the color looks good on you

  16. haai dear,luv u're leopard coat..
    don't forget to photograph u're new year celebration in u're country dear :) i waait it...hehee...

  17. Your outfits are to die for! Rightly so because you are gorgeous!

  18. yeah hahah theyare hard to keep up with

  19. Wow ...I could make a beautiful make up from those colors for the New Years Eve Party.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Beautiful outfits!! I really love it so much:) I love love your comfy sweater in the 1st photo:) Awww,and that's so sweet you got a full set of brushes!

    And the eyeshadow palette too,ahhhh! Ohhh yes,I loved all the facts you shared as well<3

  21. You look great, love the printed coat!! That make-up palette is amazing, I got the 'warm' version and it is such amazing quality for only a few dollars.. <3

    I wish you a great and healthy 2010!