sâmbătă, 30 ianuarie 2010

A rose like make up

Following one of the moments trends in make up, which is very natural looking eyebrows, or even almost absent eyebrows (on blonds maybe...), I did this make up that lose like a rose petal to me...

Unfortunately thou,the pictures doesn't do it justice because of my crappy camera that doesn't show the actual colors and details.. But I hope you'll like it...

It's a neutral look, with peachy pinks, lilacs and a touch of blueish magenta with beige highlight :) (excuse my red bf t-shirt, it had nothing to do with the look:)) )

Have a super fun weekend everybody and thanks so much for your comment, they make my days so much happier!

Close up
Different lightening
Notice the free, natural eyebrows
I applied mascara towards the corner of the eye for a more dramatic effect

And, I got tagged by Novita Ristiana, she has the most colorful, joyful blog, do check it out!

I'm suppose to name 10 things that make me happy, I have done this before already, but I'll try to name some other things that make me happy :)

1. Watching movies that I love (The Sound of Music, Frida, Chicago, etc.)
2.Eating the french dessert Fondant au Chocolat (those who didn't try it until now, you have to try it!)
3. Seeing new collections from my favorite designers(I'm always so excited)
4. Having a good make up and hair day
5. People that like me and my blog (that is you guys!)
6. Going shopping with my boyfriend
7. Cooking yummy stuff
8. High heeled shoes ;))
9. Big and colorful stone rings (I know I'm superficial here, but who can blame me?)
10. Sqeezing little babies :D
The last one is kind of creepy but I like little kids very much!

I'd like to tag the following 10 bloggers :D :

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Beneath the Crystal Stars
Miss Neira
Kata Wagner Berg
Quirky Explosion
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joi, 28 ianuarie 2010

Fashion biscuits

Look what a dear friend of mine send me the other day (everybody knows I'm crazy about clothes, make up and sweet stuff!)! Fashion decorated biscuits! Shoes, bags, ooo!

I just love these images because they combine my 2 loves: fashion and food :))

I just wish I'd had the tools to do this myself:D


P.S. I used to collect hundreds of images from the Internet with cookies and cakes in different colors and decorations and I lost them when my laptop died on me ...:(

marți, 26 ianuarie 2010

latest Asos wish list :D

Here are a few Asos pieces that are currently on sale and have great prices and I'd love to have them plus they have a new flat rate for international shipping :D. Don't know though when I will make an order because I do have something pretty major happening right now (I'll tell you more about it in my future posts :D) and I'll be low on cash...

Anyway, I should be studying right now, certanly not searching the web for clothes but...can't help it :))

So, aren't these super nice?
ASOS Dip Dye Fringe Dress 17 euro

ASOS Studded Check Shirt 20 euro

People Tree Fairtrade Organic Cotton Bib Tunic Shirt 21 euroASOS LUCKY Suede Point Ballerina 14 euro
ASOS HEARTBREAKER Bow Front Sandal 14 euro
ASOS HANDFUL Stud And Diamante Platform Sandal 10 euro (!!! have to get them!)

ASOS Contrast Bow Bandeau Dress 15 euro

ASOS Pleated Cross Front Longer Length Dress 25 euro

ASOS Long Wool Biker Jacket 50 euro

ASOS Paradise Island Cartoon Tights 10 euro (how cool are these?)

Flirt Cable Knit Socks 2.5 euro

ASOS Statement Vintage Style Enamel And Stone Parrot Ring 12.5 euro (simply gorgeous!)
ASOS Vintage Style Oversized Pearl Cocktail Ring With Rhinestone Surround 7.5 euro

P.S. I need this cold weather to be over! At the moment we are having -10 degrees C (!)

sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2010

Fell in love with Valentino pre fall 2010

Hy everyone! I'm very busy these days studying, but I'll still do a post to show my new love for the Valentino pre fall collection (I also loved Lanvin pre fall a lot, but they're like a permanent love and the new collection is not very edgy compared to the last one)
The first dress came out of my dreams...

Below I'd also like to receive a new award I was given (wow, again!) by Walk The Sand
and it is the Best Blog award, uuu!

This are the rules of the award:

1. Accept the award by posting it on your blog, naming the person who gave you the award, and linking to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to about 15 other blogs you recently discovered and think are awesome.

3. Contact those bloggers to let them know they've been chosen to accept this too.

So my new favorite bloggers are:

Fashion by He
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Posh's Daily Style
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miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Pink smokey eye !

All pink lovers gather around! It's a pink thing!
I wanted so much to do a pink smokey eye make up and to show it here, basically because I love pink and because I know I'm not the only one. This is a super fun make up to wear for the evening and maybe it cold be fit for Valentine's Day also :D
I've posted pictures of how I did it, hope you enjoy it.

Below there is also the answer to the Princess award I received from Miss Neira, she is such a beautiful girl and has an amazing blog . Go check it out!
I've also received another award (uhu!) from Betz, a super lovely NY blogger that surely deserves your attention!

Also thanks so much for your beautiful words, they make my day so much happier. Thanks for encouraging me to do videos on the make up I do and posting it on youtube, I am preparing to do this (do't know yet exactly when I'll be able to do it, cause now I'm very busy with my master exams:P ). You are all such great blog friends!!! :*

I first applied a hot pink on the inner part of the lid

They I applied a black pencil and I smudged it around the outer part of the lid

Apply a dark grey on the pencil color

Also apply some blacK on the grey for a more dramatic effect

Go over the pink with a lighter shimmery pink. Also highlight the brow bone (I did this but my crappy camera doesn't show it too much...)

Apply a black eye pencil and go over it with some black eyeshadow to keep it in place

Then apply mascara an define your eyebrows and that's it :D

Name and an author you love : Victor Hugo
If applicable, name an author who highlights: Like a special author for me? Mircea Eliade (Romania 20th century writter - amazing!)
Books you love: Les Miserables and usually deep, real life related book(not SF, police, or smth like this...)
Something that always excites you: pink, rainbows, desserts(and food in general), people telling me nice compliments, looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful... :D
Something you hate: liers

I will pass this lovely award to 7 pricesses :

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Now I need to write seven things I like to do so these are:

1. Eat. A lot. (I know is not healthy but I like it!)
2. Kiss and make out :)) 22 years old late teenager:P
3. Buy clothes, make up and everything nice
4. Take pictures of beautiful things
5. Read interesting books
6. Dance :D
7. Earn a lot of money (this is not an actual activity, but I like it :D )

I'll pass it to 7 beautiful ladies:

Miss Neira
Fashion Whore
Trash on
Walk the Sand
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duminică, 17 ianuarie 2010

Animal print make up!

Hello there! I promised another blog post involving make up done by me and here it is. I did 2 versions of an animal print make up, one it's a zebra and one is a leopard print. Don't know if there are this kind of make ups on youtube, I didn't check it out, but what's for sure is that I didn't follow any tutorials. This is my version . The zebra print one I think it's more wearable, like if it looks good on you, you can go out of the house like this without any problems and it can be done on any colors! The leopard print one is a little dramatic, like for costumes or Halloween or smth. But I love animal print and so it doesn't matter that is not wearable. Fashion is not about utility, right? Or...in our case, make up is not about utility..Or is it? You tell me! :)

Please don't mind my dark circles, I wasn't wearing any face make up, cause I did this indoor and washed it out after :P

You can draw any line as long as you want, I just did it the way it looks good on me :)

Different lightning

I like the way these colors look on my eyes and this is definitely a make up that would look good on any green eye, and usually, on some one that has a more warm face color (my face is very white...)

For the spots I combined a eye gel with a dark brown and applied it with a very small flat brush.

And my new Nails, the model is a inspiration fro Klair de Lys, but she did something different...

So tell me how you like it and, if you have any ideas on any kind of make up that you want to see done, just tell me, I'll do it, is so fun for me :D

Have a lovely week ahead!

vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

My new discovery: High Heeled Art

Hy! Let me introduce to you my new blog discovery, one that I love and that I am thrilled every day with : http://highheeledart.blogspot.com/ Maybe a lot of you know about it already and if not, check it out. Mark Schawrz blogs everyday about and shares the beautiful paintings of shoes. Different themes on paintings, all involving shoes. And the fun part is, they are so colored and full of life!

These are some of my favorites.

p.s. I am preparing a new make up post this weekend so stay tuned !

Have a super fun weekend everybody!

I'd love to have this at home... :X It is the best as far as I saw... It's called "dance in frame"