miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Pink smokey eye !

All pink lovers gather around! It's a pink thing!
I wanted so much to do a pink smokey eye make up and to show it here, basically because I love pink and because I know I'm not the only one. This is a super fun make up to wear for the evening and maybe it cold be fit for Valentine's Day also :D
I've posted pictures of how I did it, hope you enjoy it.

Below there is also the answer to the Princess award I received from Miss Neira, she is such a beautiful girl and has an amazing blog . Go check it out!
I've also received another award (uhu!) from Betz, a super lovely NY blogger that surely deserves your attention!

Also thanks so much for your beautiful words, they make my day so much happier. Thanks for encouraging me to do videos on the make up I do and posting it on youtube, I am preparing to do this (do't know yet exactly when I'll be able to do it, cause now I'm very busy with my master exams:P ). You are all such great blog friends!!! :*

I first applied a hot pink on the inner part of the lid

They I applied a black pencil and I smudged it around the outer part of the lid

Apply a dark grey on the pencil color

Also apply some blacK on the grey for a more dramatic effect

Go over the pink with a lighter shimmery pink. Also highlight the brow bone (I did this but my crappy camera doesn't show it too much...)

Apply a black eye pencil and go over it with some black eyeshadow to keep it in place

Then apply mascara an define your eyebrows and that's it :D

Name and an author you love : Victor Hugo
If applicable, name an author who highlights: Like a special author for me? Mircea Eliade (Romania 20th century writter - amazing!)
Books you love: Les Miserables and usually deep, real life related book(not SF, police, or smth like this...)
Something that always excites you: pink, rainbows, desserts(and food in general), people telling me nice compliments, looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful... :D
Something you hate: liers

I will pass this lovely award to 7 pricesses :

Much Love
Quirky Explosion
Fashion Nerdic
Beneath the Crystal Stars
Fashion Champagne
Kata Wagner Berg

Now I need to write seven things I like to do so these are:

1. Eat. A lot. (I know is not healthy but I like it!)
2. Kiss and make out :)) 22 years old late teenager:P
3. Buy clothes, make up and everything nice
4. Take pictures of beautiful things
5. Read interesting books
6. Dance :D
7. Earn a lot of money (this is not an actual activity, but I like it :D )

I'll pass it to 7 beautiful ladies:

Miss Neira
Fashion Whore
Trash on
Walk the Sand
Roll up Your Sleeve
Glisters and Blisters

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  1. OMG dear, I love the make-up!
    It's PERFECTT!
    And thanks for the award loveee!! Really appreciete it!
    I'll anwser the questions a.s.p

  2. bellissimo... da copiare alla prima occasione!

  3. oh I love the clashing colours of smokey pink! You're giving us new ideas!!

    Congrats on the lovely awards and thank you so much for passing the princess one to me!! Awww, big hugs!!


  4. I never thought pink eyes would look this good. You did an awesome job Diane.

    Congrats on your awards. And thanks for sharing the beautiful award with me. xoxo

  5. Oh! I loved this make up.
    It's sweet and sexy, ahah. I'll try it as soon as possible.

  6. wow girl, you have so much talent
    so when are the videos coming up?
    thank you for the award!!!

  7. cool makeup blog thats perfect i love this
    comment back

  8. Oh this is so cool! Definitely trying it out one of these days!

  9. it's another awesome tutorial.
    thanks so much, sweetie.
    i must try this pinky smoky eye soon.

  10. oh this is such a great idea hun!
    i love those two colors togheter :)

  11. Amazing hun!!! Wow!! U are soo good!! Have a lovely wknd xxx

  12. well you can always go with your gfs out!

  13. I'm always in awe of your pro make-up skills. I definitely lack in that area! Your skills are totally runway worthy.

    Congrats on your award!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. Really nice done make up!
    Everything looks good on those beautiful eyes!

    Thank You so much for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I am so happpppy for it! I like what u like but I would put more higher the Nr.6! :)

    Have a great weekend my friend It's just starting! :)

  15. You really do know how to play with the eyes..this looks beautiful :)

  16. as usual...luv u're eye make up...
    congrats on the award...

  17. so beautiful and gorgeous eyes!! nice post!!

  18. Wow, you're quite amazingly talented with eye makeup! Love it. :)

    Love & Aloha,


  19. Arata foarte bine, punk rock:D. Si eu sunt fan Eliade

  20. congrads on the awards x

    For all things fashion:

  21. Guess what Diane ?! I'm doing this right now! This is my favourite make up ! You're awesome!