duminică, 3 ianuarie 2010

New Year's Eve costume : Cruella de Vil !

Hy and Happy New Year!
I am so exited about posting my New Year's Eve costume as Cruella de Vil and also my bf's costume as Joker :D

We had so much fun at that party. It was just a small party with close friends at someone's house, but we danced a lot and laughed a lot because every character was playing it's role and it was crazy! They did had a little puppy girl named Madonna that they didn't bring to the party. They were probably afraid I will make a collar out of her :))

The make-up turned out ok even thou after doing it I realised that the eyebrows should have been a litlle more arched. I followed Kandee's tutorial on doing it and hopefully it was a good job. The hardest part was covering my eyebrows. I did the make up of the Disney cartoon movie, not the one from the actual real people movie :)

The hair was harder to do, don't ask me how I washed it out... I applyed a ton of hair spray and white spray but the fun part was that 1 hour before we left I realized I couldn't fing my bobby pins and I had only 6 of them holding all my hair! It was and adventure holding it together all night long...

I also put make up on my bf and that was even harder because we didn't have special wax for doing the scars and I just draw them :P

But all in all it was a wonderful night and I am so enthusiastic about 2010!

Have a wonderful year everyone and thank you so much for the people who follow me and comment at my posts! I look forward to reading your comments every moment of my day! They make me feel so happy! Hope 2010 will be bring me many many followers and hope this blog will get even better with your help :)

Cruella and Joker. Both evil characters :)))) The fur is fake thou, you've seen it before in some photos

This was my outfit. The dress is custom made for me :) The red gloves and the turquoise earrings are the Cruella signature :)

Simply miserable darling!... (I quite smoking in august, this was just for impersonating Cruella ;)

I love this pic, I feel so glam in it :D "I live for fur!"

The Joker and his business cards ;) Hope his make up turned out ok, but he kept eating and drinking his lipstick :))

A group pic. Company lady, Vadim Tudor (a very funny, crazy Romanian politician, we laughed so much with his impersonating!!), Arabic woman, Cruella, punk rock chick, a P.I.M.P., a couple that wasn't playing any roles, Catwoman, Joker and Zombie.

Tell me what do you think about me as Cruella :D ?
I surely enjoyed being her !

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  1. What a fun NYE celebration and you rock it as Cruella. xoxo

  2. Oh wow, I think you pull off a very fabulous Cruella!! The make up looks really hard to put on too, I think you did a fantastic job darling:)

    And your bf is amazing as Joker!!


  3. That is so funny! you look crazy like her! =)
    great idea!

  4. Hi there,I'm new here! What fun daaarling! Great costume!Must start following you so I don'n't miss a thing! Sharon xx

  5. hahaha...you look so funny, happy new year!!

  6. pics look awesome hope u had a great time x

  7. what a fun blog!
    love it!


  8. Girl,you pulled off the look perfectly!! I really adore your gold dress with those gloves too.

    Looks like you had such a perfect party as well<3

  9. hi dear!! :)
    happy new year 2010... <3

    the party is soo great look for me,,

    and wew,,i just look your new layout,,it's soo cute dear,,

    check my blog too,,

  10. Happy New Year! Looks like a cool party!

    Cool make up!

  11. cool costume! happy new year~


  12. haha great, just posted a comment on my blog about how we dont see enough cruela deville on these blogs! so funny, anyway u pulled it off wonderfullly


  13. that's some cruella costume..bravo!!
    I do love how you applied your make up..you're so good at it! it looks fantastic :)

  14. you look awesome little cruella !
    the makeup is great !

    oh btw . i got a blog tag for you to do at my blog post titled ' thank you'

    hope you can check it out :D

  15. wow, totally awesome!! great costume!! Good Luck for 2010- hope its going to be an amazing year for u! xx

  16. Excellent !

  17. you're welcome!
    please let me know if you
    would you like to exchange links with me?

  18. that make up is so scary and amazing! xo

  19. you looked amazing- that makeup WOW! You are good, it looked very authentic.