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10 things you can't leave the house without - my top!

I've just came up with my top of the ten things a girl shouldn't leave the house without. I know a lot of magazines have done this kind of tops but I didn't found one that had exactly this theme. I just wanted to share with you guys the things I consider to be a priority in life :)

I left the mobile phone off the list on purpose because even thou I am addicted to it, I don't find it as important as all these other things.The mobile is the next thing on the list :D

So please tell me what would you add or what would you take out of it. What are your most important things when leaving the house?

Here it is:


You have to be able to check the way you look all the time. This is a priority ;)
Well, now, if you don't have any money, that's ok. But if you do have it, don't keep it all on your credit cards, because you might find a lot of situation in which you're dead without cash!

3.lipstick/lip gloss

Always keep your lip gloss of the day in your purse to be able to fresh up when ever is necessary !

4.a everyday absorbent
Do not, under any circumstance leave the house without it! Strange things can happen in the middle of no where and you don't want it to happen to you...


You never know when you have to kiss someone, or stay close to someone and just talk to someone, and if you had a yummy garlic meal the conversation will not last long...


Even if today you can write anything on your mobile, there are situations in which you have to write something quickly and trust me, this situations happen to all of us more often than we think they do


If you are in a long term relationship you may not use them. Still, is good to keep one in a secret place, just in case you'll need it. And if you're not in a LTR you MUST have condoms all the time everywhere you go. (don't rely on him having one, because he might not have it and what do you do then?...)

8.(wet) wipes

To clean your hands, armpits, feet, even intimate zones. Today with all the craziness of the A1H1 flew is better to be on the safe side (even though wipes won't save you from the flew, but it'll keep you clean :P )

9.a book (in small dimensions?)

Be sure that no matter where you go and what you do, if you have a moment you can enjoy your current favorite book.

10.your camera

Not everybody owns a camera, but if you do, I hope it is smaller and it fits into a purse so that you can take photos of all he beautiful things you see and then share it with us !

P.S. If I would have done a 11 list of things, the 11 one would be a umbrella. We don't all live in England but we don't want our hair to get wet either, so here's a picture of Naomi at a 2006 Anna Sui fashion show, with an umbrella:

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  1. Hi there Diane, I had fun reading about your 10 things, really got it nailed lady!! Sharon xx

  2. I sure wish I had that camera to leave the house with!

  3. Good list! I keep forgetting to bring a mirror.

    P.S. I love that victoria beckham book!

  4. hahha omg how funny
    but yeah i always forget the mirror

  5. Your ten things is great... condoms? You are very smart. Hahaha! And the camera is a must.

  6. Very prepared! Pretty much for anythign by the looks of it.

  7. you're prepared for everything! love how you're so honest with the condoms...haha

  8. Lol at the are very prepared..Half of these are a Must for me too like number 3 can't leave the house without lipchap and 9..Great List Diane

  9. woah this is a great idea for a blog post !
    i dont leave hope without my PHONE, cash, and OIL PAPER . haha.. i have oily face so i need oil papaer :D

    thanks for the lovely comments darling.
    appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
    keep posting up great inspirations..
    x. Michelle..
    glisters and blisters :D

  10. Love your list ... have to include the umbrella in mine!

  11. ohh i've been meaning to get a compact mirror to put in my bag.

  12. this post is so fun! i won't leave house without a comb. haha (:

  13. Funny post !

  14. just stumble on your blog. and wow you are so prepared just like a girl scout hehe. i can't leave the house without my makeup pouch, my powder, yes wipes, perfume and my wallet. hehe :)

    great post! :)

  15. thanks for u're comment diane..
    btw,i really luv u're make up..i guess u're talented n i can't hard wait u're new post with u're make up experiment..hehee

  16. i love that book by the way... but i would have to add chocolate in my purse too :)

  17. i always have most of the things that you can't leave the house without too!!

    ohhhh and the condoms,it got me laughing. Like some say,you surely are prepared. heeee

  18. very practical! i almost NEVER have cash when i leave the house - such a bad habit

  19. thanks for the warm comments as usual..
    have a great weekend ahead !

    visit, comment , follow me at .
    glisters and blisters :D

  20. haha, this list is so handyyy and fun! i have actually written it such a dork!

    One Love,

  21. the most important thing for me and i
    make sure i have some cash in my wallet.
    and yes, a camera!

  22. i really enjoyed this list and your blog as well!

    im definitely following now :-)