marți, 5 ianuarie 2010

My version of Avatar inspired make up and a nice tag!

So here are some pictures of a make up I did yesterday evening. These are the colors that come to my mind when I think of Avatar. I know that all over the Internet people are doing Avatar make up, but I wanted to do a version that I could actually wear to a club or a special party or smth. (you can't really wear the "all face blue" version). Unfortunately the picture are very low quality because the camera that I usually use had a low battery and I had to take the photos with another camera that doesn't work good on macro mode.

I wanted to use pink in the make up because I am so in love with the "Avatar" nature of Pandora, where everythi g is pinky, shiny and sparkling. I just love those pink plants :x ...

Tell me how you like it :D

I used an Avon Magix Primer, colors from my Beauty Factories, Oriflame black eye liner, Maybelline Colossal mascara and another Avon eyebrow brown pencil (cheap products, as you can see, I used them basically because we can't find MAC, Nars, Urban Decay or brands like these in Romania...).

Sorry for showing you my hairy eyebrows, I was before tweezing. These are not my regular eyebrows :)))

I would also like to say "Thank you a lot!" to Michelle from Glisters and Blisters, you must know her, she is an amazing blogger (check it out!) and she just past me the following tag. It is so fun to do this, since I don't really write a lot of things about my life here and maybe it would be interesting for people to know stuff :P

This is what I had to do: write 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. Below, the bold words are the ones you must include in your post. Also, please link it back to me and to other 3 bloggers you admire!

I like the color PINK
I like to eat sweets. A lot. Even too much :P
I like it when my boyfriend kisses me and hugs me :X
I like to dance
I like animal print clothes and accessories
I like Ed Westwick (HOT AS HELL !!!)
I like reading about make-up, watching make up tutorials, buying make up, doing make up
I like to have long long nails
I like shrimps !
I like to cook
I like have control over everything
I like money :D
I love my boyfriend. So much that I want to smootch him all the time ! (is "smootch" even a word?)
Today is the Baptise Eve. Tomorrow we will celebrate the Baptise in Romania, a celebration of Jesus being baptised. Today the priest of the neighbourhood comes to everybody's house to bless it. It came to mine too :)
In some ways, I love everything.
It's less, of a thing to like, it's less distinct, it's less particular.
I like things that I like but I love everything.
There's more choice in like,
Cause even the worst things have things you love in them.
I don't know what you mean about things I dislike.

I hate lies and liers
I hate people that are late
I hate phisical effort
I hate thriller/horror movies
I hate the combination between trennings and gold jewelery (you know those over 40s ladies that wear them?...)
I hate it when my bf's dog pisses all over my carpet!
I hate baloons at wedding (so corny...)
I hate funnerals
I hate this, wow...

So I am passing this tag to the following 3 awesome bloggers, you have to check them out!
Kristie from The Society of Style (my daily reading), to Valencia from Rollupyoursleeve and Karen at Make up and Beauty blog. I absolutely love these blogs!

Hope you have a lovely evening (or morning, deppending on where you live :P ) and let me know what you think about my make up :)

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  1. hey there! thanks for the tag! love your makeup! it's so pretty! you must pass along the secret to getting rainbow eyes! i so want to try it now!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAA,so niceeee!
    I haven't seen Avatar. Maybe I am the only one in the whole world :)
    I miss doing make ups...before I got pregnant I had a lot's of make up job...

    Ps. Beautiful eyes!

  3. Hi there,just seen Avatar, fabulous take on the look! Love your favourites, I will be back for more and congrats on your award!Sharon xx

  4. Wow ! Amazing make-up! I'm totally diggin' it!

    xoxo my dear Diane

  5. so i just have to say, this is stunning. absolutely gorgeous, and i can tell it's inspired by avatar :)
    oh! and i must say, i adore your cruella de ville costume in the previous post. the eyebrows and just hilarious :D

  6. ohmygosh gorgeous; i cant even believe you did this yourself- mad skill girl!
    and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back visiting soon!

  7. u're eye make up is so adorable...
    i luv what u combine the colour to u're really awesome..

  8. OMG! absolutely gorgeous make up! im so jealous at you, i don't know how to wear make up. you are so creative :)

    sassy rica ^_^

  9. Oh my, this is so beautiful!! I wish I know how to put on avatar make up like you do!!

    It perfectly conveyed the world of pandora:)


  10. Beautiful eyes.


  11. your eyes are so pretty! and that! its so lovely.

  12. this is a lovely makeup !
    you interpret avatar's makeup really well :D

    are u majoring in artistic makeup ??
    thanks for the inspiration darling !
    keep posting up great stuff up .

    thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
    visit / comment / follow me back at..
    GlisteRs and bListeRs

  13. this is absolutely stunning. how you combine different colours is gorgeous! not forget to mention the cruela devil make up on the previous post. WOW!

  14. gorgeous make up! and absolutely genius for having a take on avatar! :D


  15. oh yeah this boots are really old i had them for like 4 years i actually dont like that much!

  16. I SEE YOU... love that eye make-up. I love how you did it, very clean.

  17. Amazing, you've got beautiful eyes. x)

  18. you are so great at doing your make-up! very cool look. :)

  19. totally avatar inspired! that looks so great, and so real (i mean avatar real)!

    that takes talent, i can barely put on my eye liner.

  20. OH MY GOSH. That's SO beautiful. I haven't seen avator, but I keep on hearing all about it. But I LOVE the make-up that you did. Very magical, you might say.

    Great facts. But to be a loyal friend, I must say that Ed WEstwick is taken (my friend is helplessly in love with him..)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Gorgeous makeup!!!! I haven't seen Avatar but I can't wait to.

  22. woah!
    i love it you are amazing :)
    i also loved that movie!

  23. Your makeup looks amazing! This is the first Avatar-inspired look I've seen, and I think you've set a very high bar! Take care.

  24. WOOOOW...i absolutely love your makeup...
    if you ever come to germany please do mine... =)

  25. Pink luvahs unite! And that makeup. Wow. Super cool!

  26. unbelievable makeup job! very impressive!

  27. Oh darling, your make up is amazing. I wish I would be able to do one like this, but to this I am not enough skilled properly.

  28. Love the make- up and all it's colours.