duminică, 10 ianuarie 2010

A Twiggy inspired make up for daily look

Hy guys! I wanted to share with you a make up that I did on myself and that I've been wearing for the past days. I love it so much! I first had in mind the Twiggy make up, which I saw done by Miss Chievous, she does some amazing make up looks on youtube, probably a lot of you already know her. I didn't apply false eye lashes or stuff like that, and my crease was not that dramatically covered in black, but it looks good and it is not so theatrical as the original one :D

I've also uploaded 2 pictures with the nail art I had on my nails in te past week. I love the blue one so much. I didn't came up with these models (and a lot other beauties), I found on youtube also. You can check them out the the following link (this girl does an awesome job!): Klairedelys.

Tell me what you think about it :D

P.S. I was having the worse hair day! My hair was going in every possible direction.

I really like the way I look with this make up on :D

A close up on the eye. I did not put a lot of mascara on because it was day time.

Diferent lightning
I love this nails. It looks like you have lace on your nails. So fun!

I think this is the best model I've ever had on! It looks like a fade out effect, but it's actually pretty simple to do! You can check it out on the youtube page I wrote above :)

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  1. You are OFFICIALLY a beauty whizz. I mean, you're amazing at make-up, nails, etc. etc. SO ENVIOUS OF YOUR SKILLS. I definitely lack in such an area! ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. YES! You rocked the Miss Twiggy makeup look ... DEFINITELY!

    i wish i had the makeup talent as you are..

    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters .RS

  4. The make up does look great on you! And its really cool too!

  5. love twiggy, and love your makeup!!

    lovely post.


  6. awesome makeup!


  7. You look great with the twiggy look! You really have skills in pretty much everything ! You're awesome!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!


  8. Nice make up! You have a long eyelashes!
    I actually had a simular make up yesterday with brown color...
    How was the Szilvas Gomboc? I love it!

  9. I really really love Twiggy-inspired look! So this is a great post, dear!! I need to try this out soon:)


  10. thanks for dropping by at my blog !
    you were really nice with the comments :D

    glisters and blisters :D
    dont forget to check out my latest post on my vlog DIY Tutorial of my Patchwork Jeans !

  11. This is amazing! Luv ur make-up!! : ) Hope u had a stunning wknd! xx

  12. like your last nail polish effect too much dear,,,very gorgeous... :))

  13. hi, thank you so much for the inspiration. i may try this one day, i just want to know whether i could or could not pull this off as well as you do :)

  14. wow!
    i love this tutorial since
    i'm not good in make up.
    i was wondering how did you do the
    fade out nail polish. i love it!

  15. Oooh I love Twiggy, this look is great!
    Love your nails and lovely long lashes :)

  16. awesome makeup and nails
    you look so pretty!

    i got them from viktor vauthier(photographer)

  17. omg,i love doing eye make-up but you're a genius!!! it's a whole new art form..:D

    cool blog!

  18. the jewelry I posted is at tarinatarantino.com


  19. I don't know how you do it but you're such a make up whiz!! I can barely put on powder evenly :(
    love the eye make up :)

  20. You're always soooo talented with makeup! Ohhh girl,maybe you could start a youtube channel soon and be the next makeup guru:) No kidding!

    And I love how you did your nails in the very last photo,I could never do something like that on my own.

  21. Your nails are always amazing ! I agree with all the comments saying you are so talented with make up !