miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

Coco Chanel, Elizaveta Bagreana, Cecilia Cutescu-Storck, Lee Miller

I've recently read an amazing book called "Four women, four stories". It's written in Romanian by Aurora Liiceanu and I have no idea if it has been translated in other languages. It briefly shows the life stories of these women, in the light of each one's great life passion. The passions are: power, money, love and adventure. These women are Coco Chanel, Elizaveta Bagreana (one of the biggest Bulgarian lady poets), Cecilia Cutescu-Stork (famous Romanian painter) and Lee Miller (American photographer). It's great to see how big personalities in their field have been motivated through their entire lives by a strong desire that they couldn't fight. I also like the fact that the author gives the impression of objectivity, showing no mercy or despise towards them.

If you speak Romanian, I strongly recommend it, it's absolutely great.

However, for my international readers, I want to recommend another book, that I have just started, but seems awesome as well. It's "Chanel and Her World" by Edmonde Charles-Roux (original language french). I like the thing that it gives the impression of being very well documented, but still in a narrative form and shows probably all the publicly known details about her life, in 634 pages. This one I'm sure it has been translated in English, since I have it in Romanian (the Romanian name of the book is "Coco Chanel")...

I wish you all an amazing day and thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Good recommendations. Thanks doll. I'll put it on my reading list lol I have to catch up

  2. Si filmul este foarte frumos pe mine m-a impresionat in mod deosebit, l-am vazut pe Videomix adineauri...