luni, 8 martie 2010

A day in the park

The other day we went in the park with Luck (Skywalker), my bf's dog. He's the laziest and stinkiest dog alive! Sometimes I hate his ass, but all in all he's a cute dog and he's never bitten anybody! The weather wasn't very good, it was a cloudy day, but it doesn't get any better around here... Today it was snowing and freezing!!! (I so hope for the spring to come sooner!)

Anyway, I'm sorry for my lack of posts lately, I'm having some hard time being jobless and I don't feel like blogging or...anything, for that matter.

I hope you like our pictures:)

I'm wearing the green gloves I won a while ago on Anna's give away!

I was pretending to follow him with a big stick :)))

That dog never stops smelling everything!! He's a hunting dog, after all...

Happy time

These are some cookies I made a few days ago, they didn't turn out to look as good as I wanted to, but they were very good :D

Basketball cookies for my bf !!!!

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  1. Those green gloves totally rock. And now I want cookies!

  2. I love your green gloves and am glad you had a great day in the park with the bf and luke lol:)

    Hope you find a job soon, I know how it feels!


  3. your dog looks so friendly! and i wish you the best of luck in finding a job. my brother has been looking for a job for quite a while as well, but i'm sure the best is just around the corner. g'bless ya! :)

  4. Oh, loved this post!! the pics are soo sweet, Diane! And the cookies look super delicious. xo

  5. the cookies..
    they r looks very cute and yummy..


  6. I love your green gloves and that was such a sweet pic of you and your BF. xoxo

  7. Really cute outfit :) your dog is so cute :)

    Love vanilla

  8. i need the purple coat with the fur
    looks awesome on you!
    aww how cute is this post!!

  9. niceeeee... and the cookies looks like delicious!

  10. hahahh ,its the side effects of coke!

  11. awww...this is so sweet!
    I love the kissing part. LOL!

    My dear, I love your purple coat!
    I want it.

  12. aww cute pictures girl ! those cookies look sooo good .. i almost want to reach through my screen and grab one

    xx lue

  13. the cookies look great!

  14. Love the color of your coat, those cookies look yummy

  15. so sweet!
    i love thse pictures.
    and those cookies look delicious!

    i like lazy doggies =)

  16. Hope the weather brightens up for you! Mine's just gotten nice so I'm totally hoping it doesn't drop some snow bombs on me.

    You look fabulous. and so do those cookies! My dad would 100% want those Bball ones (hah, not a bad father's day present hhhmmmm.)

  17. Oh, you're wearing the beautiful gloves! The colour goes really well with your purple coat.

  18. The purple coat is perfect to brighten up a cold day. Awww, I love that Bassett Hound!