luni, 15 martie 2010

a simple blue make up

Hy, I'm posting picture of a very simple and easy make up with blue eyeshadow. You you're a make up addict like me and you're browsing all day long the Internet for make up info you might know that it's one of the biggest challenges to apply blue eye shadow and don't look over done or not flawless, etc. This is my simple blue make up, I just applied a very good make up base and then the blue with a little tiny amount of black on the outer corners and white in the inner corners and the brow bone, to give it dimension. I used a light pink blush and a nude lip gloss.

Of course it can be done in any kind of blue shade but I did it with a kind of cobalt blue, to match my blouse. Check out the message on it :))

Have a super fun day!


I used the 120 palette, Colossal Maybeline mascara, Oriflame eyeliner pencil and an Avon brown eyeshadow for the eyebrow

Lee Cooper blouse with no shoulders, isn't it funny ? :P

I have a thing with messages on clothes, my best friend once bought me a t-shirt that had: "Are you rich?I'm single!" :)) though I'm not like that (unfortunately ?... :)) ) and when I was in high school I even had oned that said"Sex, booze & rock& roll". can see I'm not a person to be wearing decent messages on clothes :)))

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  1. Aww, the blue eye shadow looks so romantic on you! So soft and lovely!!

    I know what you mean about t-shirts with quotes on them! I have one that says my boyfriend is out of town:P


  2. Wow- that shade of blue is just gorgeous on you! The trouble with blue eyeshadow is that is can look dated, but you mixed it up!! Gorgeous :)

  3. that is soo pretty on you! and you have the best lashes ever. what nude lipstick is that?

  4. I think you're one of the very few who can rock blue eye shadow!

  5. oh so pretty!
    i wish i can do this
    but no, hahhah im really bad at it
    hahha awesome love the shirt
    you used to wear that in hs? and you didnt get in trouble? i remember my hs was so stupid they wouldnt even let us wear spagetti straps for summer wtf right?
    but then again
    its was the 90s .
    you look so pretty!

  6. that color is really pretty on you! you have great eyebrows

  7. i love the makeup. i'll have to try something so nice like that too!

    AlphaBetaChic Blog

  8. love it
    just painted my nails bright blue, im loving blue makeup right now
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your sweet comments!


  9. hahaha!ala cu "are you rich" e f funny:))
    thanks! te urmaresc via bloglovin'

  10. The blue eyeshadow suits you so well... I wish I can look as good as you with blue but it's not suited for my skintone.

    Have a great day Diane! xoxo

  11. hahhah that erin for you !
    she dont even wear that much heels im guessing its just for the photoshoot.
    but yeah seriiously your makeup tutorials are the best!

  12. Such a pretty color - I find that colored eyeshadows are often hard to pull off but you've done a wonderful job!

    Don't forget to stop by my blogs!

  13. pretty eyes!! and love blue.. its the new black nowadays! :P

    xoxo jenna

  14. beauuuutiful eye makeup! it really matches your complexion super well...

    PS. check out my blog:

  15. I LOVE this FOTD on you, Diane! I really hope you do more posts like this, it's so beautiful! And that shade of blue is stunning. I want a cobalt shadow. Now. LOL! And you have such nice skin...le sigh!
    XO, have a nice day, darling!

  16. I've been on a blue shadow and now nail kick so I'm liking this a lot :)

  17. Hi Diane! Thanks for the very nice comment on the blog. I am jealous that you are able to do blue eyeshadow. I am not expert enough (yet). I may get brave with your example.

    Lovely to meet you,

    xxoo - Petra

  18. You are gorgeous ! Love your make up and shirt !
    They look great on you!

    Baci e abbracci

  19. wish you could be here to do the makeup for my brides... this is beautiful. i love it.

  20. Tee really FASHION and COOL!!!

    visit my blog if u want! :-)