joi, 7 octombrie 2010

Purple-grey cut crease

This is a look I've been wearing a lot lately, cause it's easy to do, looks polished and fits me great :D

I've been missing a couple of days because now I'm working two days on / two days off shits, so some days I might not be available to answer comments and messages, but I'll make it up:P

For this look I used Wet and Wild eye shadow.

Hope you'll like this ! :D

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8 comentarii:

  1. you have really pretty eyes, and this look is amazing :)
    love it!
    xoxo Elena

  2. oh this is my favorite
    i think the color suits you amazing!!!!

  3. Gorgeous look!! Hope you have been well hun : ) xx

  4. the lavender eeyshadow looks really pretty on you !

    thanks for the sweet comments !

  5. GAH. So pretty. Totally reminds me of this AMAZING Polly Pocket Castle I had when I was little. It was small, but GORGEOUS - all pink and sparkly and magical.

    Yeah, that was a compliment! You look AMAZING.

    Definitely need a youtube channel. DEFINITELY.

  6. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))