sâmbătă, 16 octombrie 2010

Sweet and dreamy jewelry from Asos

I was browsing this morning and found some of the cutest items on Asos.com and though I would share them with you. Unfortunately for me, there's no free shipping to my country, but anyway, some of the things below are must haves!!

This is how I feel right now, birds, horses, feathers, golden chains and rainbows :) ...

It's getting cold here in Romania, the winter is coming and it's giving me a very melancholic mood. Not in the sad way, but more in the romantic, dreamy way...there's something about autumn that takes your breath away and reminds you of a distant time...

How could you not love this ring? It reminds me of a table that Jane from Sea of Shoes posted some while ago and makes me thing of the Romanian song "Amintire cu Haiduci"

these earrings are just amazing!
the leaves are so poetic...
it's tea time in England
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9 comentarii:

  1. these are really beautiful chamring pieces diane !

  2. amazing pieces! I can't decide on a favorite!

  3. Wooo, wonderful pieces you've chosen! I really love chunky accessories :) :)

  4. Gorgeous pieces! :) Hope you are well xx

  5. I LOVE the amour one..the double ring is awesome

  6. i'm totally into that leaf ring...
    thanks for sharing this :)