marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

A little indulgence

Some people know I'm a fool for cupcakes, I love them to death. They are so good and pretty !!! Well, I do bake a lot of cupcakes when I have the time for it. But for now I'll settle to just post some of the cute pictures of pink cupcakes (pink ones are the best ones !!! :D ) that I found browsing this morning.

Ok, I'm aware that these are not real and that they're earrings but I would still love them as much. I wish I knew where to buy them from...

Mama cupcake with little baby cupcakes, so sweet :X

Ok, I know these are not pink, but they look so delicious!

Look at the vintage looking pieces of paper, so nice

The proposal cupcake :)))
Real cupcake art

This picture made me think of my friend Mady, from Bucharest, she's a pink freak like me and she would definetely love it. When you look at this picture do you see a huge cupcake or a very small couch? I see a very small adorable couch :P

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