miercuri, 24 noiembrie 2010

A late fall make up

Yes, I know what date it is... 24 of November...but I don't care autumn it's about to leave us and let room for the wonderful winter ( !!! ARE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS AS I AM ??! - a Christmas wish list is coming up soon!). I had a very autumny make up on some while ago and I wanted to post it.

It was back when I had my looong hair, now it's all gone, I have short hair. Pictures before and after are coming up pretty soon :D

Hope you like it!


Artificial light
day light
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7 comentarii:

  1. Well your eye make up is still as pretty as I remembered them to be!

    p.s. Of cos I'm excited for Christmas, my boy will be here with me till Jan:)

  2. come do my makeup all the time hahha
    so pretty!!

  3. I love all the looks... you have such lovely eyes. xoxo

  4. That is absolutely beautiful.



  5. gorgeous makeup work as always diane !
    i love how u blend them together !

    glisters and blisters

  6. Gorgeous makeup! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Thanks darling!