marți, 21 decembrie 2010

The glory and extravagance of Gloria Swanson

Just take a look at the style and personality of this woman, she was amazing!

I absolutely love everything about her. This is how I want to be when I grow up! wait... I'm already grown up :((...

Well, anyway, she was an amazing actress since 1914 all the way through the 20's and early 30's. Her greatest movie appearance was in 1950 in "Sunset Boulevard", also known as the best movie ever made about Hollywood. :x

How I miss those glamorous days when wearing fur and exuberant jewellery was amazing and the stars didn't had to be eco and go around in jeans carrying their Starbucks.

A, and just to be clear, I would really wear all of these clothes if I had them!


This image makes me think about Cruella and you guys know I love her :P

Amazing outfit!...

hair jewellery, the luxury...

All pictures are found on Google and

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