duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

Oh, yes I did!!!

I'm a blond now!!! I cut my hair , it's short in a bob style and I dyed it blond. It's kind of yellow right now because it was hard to get the right color in the first try, as my hair it's pretty orange by nature so... I'll have to wait a little while and then dye it again. But it doesn't matter, cause now I feel a little bit more like Marilyn Monroe!! :D:D:D

Have a fun St. Nicholas day, if you celebrate it!

So this was THEN:

And this is NOW(don't mind the make up, I was still trying to figure out what works):

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  1. you are my aguilera :))) :*:*:* ar merge totusi combinatia galben negru nu ??:)) inca mai tzin minte sa sti :P ...te pup DI si sa ai grija de tine si mi-e dor de tine muuuult ... by the way iti sta minunat ;) si sa sti ca iti ziceam daca nu iti statea doar sti puuuuuuuuuuuup

  2. Si mie imi place noul look, arata mai lady-like, classy.
    Acum depinde si ce iti doresti, eu de tuns nu ma tund nici picata cu ceara, dar imi dadea prestanta bretonul si nu-l mai vreau, nu mai vreau sa arat de 27 cat am, ci de 19-20...complexul lolita :))) Si pe tine te facea mai girly parul lung, dar sincer cred ca ti se potriveste mai bine tunsoarea definita si eleganta si blondul.Incercam sa imi dau seama daca ti-ar sta bine cu breton, ador bretoanele Cleopatra dar ma las de ele pentru ca-s dezastru pe firul meu subtire, rar si fin, se imprastie in 4 puncte cardinale, zici ca l-am pieptanat cu grebla :)
    All in all, cred ca ai facut cea mai potrivita alegere, e o schimbare consistenta si benefica.

  3. You look really cute! It´s better than before. And, yeah, I celebrate st. Nicholas day :D
    xoxo from Hannie

  4. Hello Marylin Monroe!!
    You are so different!! You're brave!!
    I would like to change so much like you did!!

    Thank you for comment me!!



  5. Sometimes we all just need a change. You look good in both colors:)

  6. wow well done girl it looks gorge xx

  7. oh wow! You're a gorgeous girl either way! I love channeling the inner marilyn! xo

  8. O wow, you look so gorgeous in your picture with your blonde hair!!

  9. oh how pretty, you look awesome as a blonde i really like it!!

  10. ohhhh love it!! good job girl!

    a perfect choice and color!

    you are so pretty.

    kisses & love from Germany



  11. Oh wow you look AMAZING as a blonde! xx