miercuri, 30 decembrie 2009

Colorful day!

Hy everybody!
Today I was feeling very joyful and I took photos of my colorful outfit :)
2010 is coming and looking back I think I've done a lot of important things this year. Certainly I did everything I wanted to do:moved with my boyfriend, finished the faculty, got admitted to the Master I wanted and other minor things that made my year. Of course, I also realized some not so good things like getting some extra kilos, argued a lot with a lot of people, didn't got the job of my life, etc.

But I do have a list of to do's for next year and here it is, what I hope will happen in 2010:

1. Move with my boyfriend alone, only the two of us.
2. Keep the wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, because I love him so much!
3. Start being more tolerant and calm
4. Stop arguing with everybody
5. Get on a DIET and work out more
6. Start an activity that I really love and that will bring me more money
7. Read more
8. Learn feng shui :P
9. Learn to sew clothes for myself (so that I can steal wonderful clothing models from great designers :))) )
10. Travel a lot around my country and in other countries :D

So this are my wishes for the year to come.

What are your wishes for 2010?

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures from my New Year's Eve party. I will be dressed like Cruella from "101 Dalmations" :D:D:D Hope the look turnes out as I desire!

Wearing my Fishbone jacket and Takko scarf, the other things are random, bought at local stores.

Pardon the dirty car :P

My kind of waterfall make up, love those colors!

Turtle earrings, aren't they cute?

These are my nails, colored in 5 colors :D and a super sweet pink ring I got today, I love it, does it look like a candy or what?

sâmbătă, 26 decembrie 2009

My Christmas outfits :)

Hy guys and Merry Christmas to everybody who is celebrating it!

So it's the second Christmas day and I've eaten so much I think I'm going to explode! The Romanian traditional Christmas involves tones of porc meat and a lot of sweets, so...you can imagine.

I spend yesterday with the family of my bf and today we have some visits, going to play card tonight with some friends. So nothing very special.
I received almost all I wished for, the eye make up in so many colors, the brushes, a lot of other different cosmetics (everybody keeps giving me cosmetics, like I am a make up freak, haha, they're so right!), some clothes and I got to do the fir decorated cake (which was eaten already :)) ). Anyway, the best gift of the house was the one I gave my bf, a Iphone 3G 8Gb. He is in love with it forever! Check out the image below!

I'll show you what I was wearing, typical winter look :P

Also, very important, remember my last post about Kandee Johnson? SHE ACTUALLY COMMENTED ON MY BLOG! I told her about the post in a comment on her blog and she saw mine. I felt like flying when I saw the comment, I love Kandee!
Plus, in her today post I saw that we have the exact same earrings shaped like candy canes :D woho!!

I love my faux fur Zara leopard print coat, my mom bought it in Spain

Ha ha ha, my legs look so small in this pic, it's taken from above:P
I was wearing a Sisley skirt and Parfois tote, the rest are bought in Turkey and local stores

This is my Christmas make up, green and red eyes + nude lips :)

This is my second Christmas day look, Bershka blouse a gift from my bf's mom, Pimkie belt from a dress, my Takko skirt and Mango underneath blouse. The leggins and boots are bought from local stores. Please don't mind the mess around the room.

The make-up I did. Didn't want to have all purple, so the eye colours were a very warm red and a goldy beige (the lips were nude, not as pinky as in this pic)

This is my bf in love with his new Iphone, I think now it is melted to his hand :))
He's wearing Levi's jeans, Converse sneakers, Zara shirt and Tommy vest.
My bf got me this set of brushes! They are from Freulein and they are amazing! So soft and really good for different application! I got them from a kind of Romanian Ebay and the price was really good! It is deffinetely a good option for low price brushes (this photo is taken by me)

I finally bought myself, as a Christmas gift this wonderful 120 colors pallete from Beauty Factories. It's really better than I expected. Really pigmented and each color is different (sorry for my bad camera that doesn't show the real colors) :D

Bye everyone! Thanks fo reading!

miercuri, 23 decembrie 2009

Kandee Johnson, my relationship and the Glamouros Blog Award !

Hey guys!
This post will not be necessarily fashion related, but I really want to share with you some very nice things that are happening.

First of all, I wanted to do a "Tribute to Kandee Johnson" post which I included in this one.

As probably most of you know, Kandee is a make up guru that works as a celebrity make up artist in Hollywood and has wonderful youtube videos (make up tutorials and other beauty related videos). What you probably don't know is that she is the mother of 3 children (the oldest is 12), she had a really tuff life in her adolescence and early youth and she was still able to fight, make it through, smile and afterwards be able to put a smile on to everyone's faces. She is truely amazing and brings joy only when she speaks, when she is telling a story or explaining make up. She is an inspiration to all of the people that apreciatte her and I think that if you don't know her it would be a shame not to check her out.
Below you can find the link to her blog, or you can just type "Kandee" on youtube and you'll get to her videos.
For this Christmas I would like to thank Kandee for helping me redescover my passion for make up and for making my days brighter!


As I said a few days ago, I also wanted to do a post about my relashion ship. So, on December 20 I celebrated 1 year with my bf (his name is Bogdan) and I am so so happy because I finally found someone who loves me so much for who I am, doesn't make me suffer , he cherishes me and I also love him so much. I'm not going to tell you our story because is not such a special story, except probably from the fact that we moved together after only 1 month, but I will tell you some interesting things about our life and how (I think) we were meant to be together:

1. Our moms went to junior school together
2. Our moms work together (but they didn't help us meet :P )
3. We are both from the same city, but we both went to study in the capital city of the country
4. We slept in the same bed when we didn't knew each other, but in different nights (at a friend's house)
5. We had a tone of comon aquintences but we never bumped into each other
6. When I was 16 I saw South Park the Movie SO MANY TIMES and fell in love with Cartman forever. I used to say Cartman is the man of my life. My bf has a tattoo on his back with Cartman and he got it before we met.
7. We are both Taurus
8. We have the same age

The list can go on , but I wouldn't want to bore you guys, I just think it's so interesting, well... probably because it's related to me :))

This is just an old random pic I found right now, most of the "cool pics" are on an external hardwear .... In this picture we were in the mountains and freazing in a tavern after we had walked in the snow for a few hours, so don't mind my face... :P

Lastly I would like to thank so much to Kristie from The Society of style for the Glamourous Blog award!!! Thanks so much, it means so much to me. Everybody must know Kristie, she's like the next Anna Wintour of our generation, stay tunned ! And I'd like to pass this award to 10 bloggers that I love (probably some of them already have it, because they're famous bloggers but I'll pass it anyway :D ) :

Glisters and Blisters .
eclectic du jour
Beneath The Crystal Stars
*** un petit lapin ~
Miss Neira
Isquisofrenia Style

Check out their blogs, they are fabulous!

I will leave you for the moment, I promise next days I will do and actual fashion and glamourous post!

Kiss everybody and have a lovely night, or day, depending on your position on Earth :P

marți, 22 decembrie 2009

The haute mess award! so excited!

So, this is my first blog award, and I was reading the wonderful blog of Dotie, http://www.bloglovin.com/m/61161175/1 , definitely check it out, you'll like it, I'm following her, and I was thinking about how a lot of people got it and it would be so nice for me to get it ;)), now here it is, hihi.

I'm so, so happy today, I'm on holiday, got a new ring and my new make up brushes are about to arrive! Also, going to see "Avatar" tonight.

The ring in the picture is a gift from my bf for celebrating 1 year together and I love it so much! I adore pink and purple !

So I will tell you 7 (interesting) things about myself:

1. I am afraid of the dark and I am incapable of sleeping alone in the bed b(not to mention in the house!)
2. I hate the taste and feel of raisins. Yak!
3. I got a degree in Sociology and I am a 1st year student at the Master of Comunication and Public Relashions.
4. I studied music for 12 years, violin, viola, piano and mostly vocal singing(my fav), but did not continued.
5. I live in Romania but I hope to one day be able to move to a different country (hopefully France)
6. I am determined to get my nose done when I'll have the money for doing it (I have a nose problem)
7. I used to be a goth kid, long black hair, black clothes, nothing to do with society :)) I can't believe it now :))
Now I'd like to pass this award to:

Miss Neira
Isquisofrenia Style

If some of you already got this, than I am right, you deserve it, and if not, enjoy!

kiss everybody and Happy Holidays! (althou this is not my last post before Christmas :P )

sâmbătă, 19 decembrie 2009

My Christmas tree, new haircut and new nails model !

Hy guys!

Thank you to everybody who is commenting or following me!
Last night I finally got to arrange my Christmas tree and it's so sweet, just with pink, purple and silver ornaments :D

I've also cut my hair and got a bang, I think it look good on me, what do you think?

We have already started to prepare everything for Christmas, that means a ton of food, so I am very busy this weekend, but today it's my 1 year anniversary with my bf, so I'll do a special post with pics that we took together and a few interesting facts about our relationship :D

P.S. Regarding my last post:
Trivia: I have noticed that most girls prefer red nailpolish and can't live without foundation or a make-up base ;)


This is the most beautiful ornament! I am so in love with this bird. She's so elegant and glam in the same time :D:D:D

This is a silver rose, doesn't really show in the picture but it's really pretty in real life

this is a purple tree in the tree. so glittery ;;)

This is my boyfriend arranging the tree :)) he was sweating :)) sometimes is so good being a girl ... :D

My fabulous self with a bang, I really like how it shows my eyes so mysteriously

the "hair in the eye" moment (I love sepia effect, makes my skin look better :P )

My new french manicure with a fir branch decoration, so Christmasy :D

Thanks for reading!

miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

Stuff I've bought and some Q&A !!!

Hey everybody! Thanks for the comments on my last posts!

I thought I'd post some pics of the things I bought for myself, hope you'll like it.

Also, let me write a few Q&A for you guys. Please copy the questions and comment with your answers also. I'm really curios about knowing these basic stuff about you!

I think Q&A is always fun, no matter the subject.

1. What's the one make up item you can't live without? Foundation
2. What's the one clothing item you can't live without? Dress, LBD or not
3. What's your favorite top brand if you have to choose only one? Dior
4. What's your favorite nail polish color? electric pink!
5. What's your favorite mascara? L'Oreal double extension
6. Who's style would you like to have if you would be a celebrity? Coco Rocha

For copy:
1. What's the one make up item you can't live without?
2. What's the one clothing item you can't live without?

3. What's your favorite top brand if you have to choose only one?

4. What's your favorite nail polish color?

5. What's your favorite mascara?

6. Who's style would you like to have if you would be a celebrity?

Jeniffer pink shiny purse, I love it , it's absolutely so pretty! Can't wait to wear it! I think I'll wear it as a clutch

Bershka short pants. They make me look like a bell pepper :P, but they're very comfy
Takko Fashion short pleated skirt. It's very sexy school girl like :D

This is a purple bracelet, it just seems blue in the flash picture, my bf got it for me also from Takko

I painted my nails as a cosmopolitan glass from which some cosmo drops are falling ;;)
Not my idea, got the model from a youtube tutorial, you can check it out here:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am aware that we are in the year 2009 (almost 2010) and fake nails are so over, but I like them anyway :D

This model is also done by me, this hand belongs to my bf's mother. Those are snowflaks and the model is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdKPJ1ABrU8

Thanks so much for reading!

marți, 15 decembrie 2009

Great women that inspire me

I'll show you below a few women that I find inspiring in terms of style and beauty. I know there are posts like this all over the Internet, but this is my choice and I hope you'll like it.

These are ladies that live in the XX or XXI century, because otherwise the list would have been longer...

Tell me who do you like best or if you like someone else as a beauty icon!

(the order is random)
Leighton Meester is the best representative of my generation and I hope she will be on the spot light for a long time. She is not only a wonderful actress, but the most beautiful actress in Hollywood in my opinion, has great style and she is a very kind and positive person.
+ her boyfriend, co-star Sebastian Stan, is Romanian, born in the same city as I am so she's is perfect :D
Any list would be empty without Marilyn. I believe all the sexy starlets nowadays lack the style and natural beauty that she had.

I love Brigitte Bardot because her beauty was amazing. She looked absolutely stuning in every picture or movie or appearance and she influenced all the woman from her generation to wear her hair do!

I think I don't need to say anything about Audrey because she needs no presentation...
She might be the best Hollywood style icon of all time

Frida Kahlo is an artist that impressed me both with her art and her life story. I admire her curage of having an androgin style in her era (the 30's, 40's...) and also her dedication to the traditional mexican elements in clothing and physical adornment.

Bjork is unique. She is so original in everyway that I think she cannot even inspire anyone, because it would be imposible to copy her.

Sophia Loren. The European perfect beauty. Feminine, wild and elegant in the same time. Just stunning...

These ladies were so close to perfection. Sometimes I cannot believe some of them are dead or so old today...
But you all know that "beauty is a passing thing"

vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

Pre-fall 2010 favorites !!!

I will show you my fav outfits from the pre fall 2010 collections, at least what we have until now.

It seems to me that black it still dominant, with a few exceptions and the autumn 2010 look will be like a chill out regarding colors, after the electric summer that we will have. Leggings are still in, the urban goth glam is still in.
I am so impressed with the Versace collection. I am not a regular Versace fan, but this time they have 17 pieces of pure energy. Love them!

What do you guys think? What do you like?

Versace. My fav piece in the colection. The leggings remind me of a chocolate fountain :P

Versace. Look at the skirt !!! Pure joy!

Burberry Prorsum. Still in my top 3 favorite brands. There is just something in the Burberry silohuette that fascinates me...

Chanel. Love the hair and the model

Calvin Klein. Great choice of the model. Her attitude is so CK !

Michael Kors. Elegant decadence

Oscar de la Renta, look at her right arm, it looks as if she doesn't have one. Freaks me out :-s

Donna Karan, this turquoise blue will still be hot!

J Mendel. Love the outfit, not the hair. Maybe I'm not deep enough to understand the concept of the hair do, but I don't like it at all...

Pringle of Scotland. I like this one because I love over sized cardigans that keep you warm. And it's cold in the autumn time in Romania...

miercuri, 9 decembrie 2009

About fashion and clothing

So I thought I need to post my view on fashion, since I got my bachelor's degree in clothing communication and so here it is.

I believe everyone must acknowledge the importance of clothing beyond it's natural function and must understand the other functions, which are mostly cultural. I think it is important to learn how to understand every piece of clothing in everybody, because everything speaks about something, some characteristics of that person. Every cloth means something, it doesn't mater if it is bought yesterday and it costs 1000 $ or if it was bought 10 years ago and it costs 10 $. The important thing is to be aware of what you send as information to the others in your clothing and to be aware of what the others are telling you about.

Everybody is saying something in their clothing, consciously or unconsciously, it's just a mater of learning and searching until you can understand these messages.
These things are well known and they are a part of the sociological theories of communication, mostly the symbolic interaction theories that involve the person to person communication.

It's wonderful to find out at least a little thing about an individual from their appearance, because imagine that in a normal day, you see hundred, maybe thousands of people, most of them you'll never see again in your life and you'll never speak to, but you can tell at least what are their interests, their character, maybe a kind of thinking or behavior if you can analyze their cloths.
We are able to see all these if we put together all of our knowledge and concepts about any color, shape or way of wearing something. Of course we are culturally different and the others are unique also, but living in a society we have a strong basic cultural background with the other around us.
I just think that it is amazing how much information there is in all of our dressing style, even if we are a fashion icon or just a regular day working night dreaming girl.

It is a shame to see people telling me that they don't believe in clothing communication, like it would be a religion or something to believe in. It's just a real fact, it is part of the non-verbal communication and it is part of our life, of our mental formation and it is part of the instruments we use in getting to know the others around us, to understand them or judge them.

More than that I believe we live in a privileged era where there still are important differences of class seen in clothing, but the strong fashion and clothing industry today allows us to better express individuality in personal style than, let's say, a girl a few hundred years ago that had to sew her clothes at home from the materials and pigments that came from the family's animals. Of course I'm not talking about the wealthy people that had the privilege of having tailor made clothes, but about the biggest part of all nations, the common people. And concerning the rich ones, even they were far away from the diversity that we have now. This is important regarding the power of expressing an identity and crossing cultural barriers.

I can tell you I have studied this field and there are so many things I could speak about, unfortunately we don't have the space here and I don't want to bore any of you.
Maybe to most these are very well known things, but that is probably because you are interested in fashion ;)
Anyway this is my take on things and I hope others think alike too.

kiss everybody!

Please send me your opinion on this!

marți, 8 decembrie 2009

Monday pictures!

Here are some pics I took yesterday with my new earings, which I love. They're like a peacock and they're just so fun to wear. I love all kind of colored shiny things :P

This is me being happy with my earrings and my new Mango sweater

A closer look, you can also notice my fake nails, painted pink.
I know fake nails are so not fashionable anymore, but I just love having long nails and mine never grow...
(sorry for the not so good quality of the photos...)
This is a crazy hair do. I just mess it up and it looks cool :D

So for those of you who want to enlighten their day and watch someone fabulous, just click the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxb8zV6QIZw, this is Kandee Johnson, probably most of you know her, and for those who don't know her, just watch this video and the related ones and I'm sure you'll be a little more happier and feel more beautiful.

Also you can check out her blog: http://kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/

I love Kandee!