luni, 31 mai 2010

It's been too long!! - Summer make up

I haven't posted something in like...forever! I have been away from blogging lately, because I was busy with other stuff but now I'm back with a brand new make up look. I've photographed every step so that anyone interested in doing this look can go ahead and do it!
It is a simple summer look, basically yellow and blue, with a little purple to it :) I haven't contoured my brows because I don't like products on my brows in the summer. I sweat and it's gets nasty :))

Hope you enjoy it :D

I will go back to reading everybody's blogs very very soon! Hope you are all doing great!!

Have a fun day!

First apply a strong yellow in the inner corner all the way to the brow and going also in the crease. I used a color from the 88 palette.

Second apply a turquoise blue in the outer corner, in a C shape. The shadow above will blend with the yellow and create the impresion of green. I used Avon Precision Glimmer in Golden Turquoise

Then apply a highlight color on the brow bone and in the inner corner. I used Seventeen Silky Shadow High Pearl in Sea Silver

Now apply a purple linner. I've also applied some purple eyeshadow from the 88 palette on it to make it last longer.

Apply mascara and a bronzer to the cheaks and this is it :D I used Maybelline Collosal and a the Avon bronzing pearls with a bit of Seventeen Silky Blush in Plum Appricot.

miercuri, 19 mai 2010

Gossip Girl fans, are you with me???

OMG, I died when I saw the last episode. It is unbelievable. I still cannot realize ! I want Chuck and Blair together forever and I hope they fix him in season 4! Thanks God for season 4!!
I'm still shocked.. And what's the deal with that baby? I'm sure it's not Dan's baby... A...I won't be able to lay around all summer waiting for season 4...

Please please please Josh, bring Blair and Chuck together again in the beginning of S4 or my heart will be broken...

Sorry for the unrelated to fashion post, but this is to heavy on me. I love this show so much and I believe Chuck and Blair are the best couple in a TV series or movie I ever saw!!!
Bare with me, I'll get to my regular posting again soon! :D


miercuri, 12 mai 2010

Have you seen the Chanel resort 2011 collection?

It is amazing! Thank you again Mr. Lagerfeld for creating such amazing trends for us! For keeping the print on the spotlight, for the happy pastels, for the amount of pink used, for the 90's air that I kind of felt in those strapy sandals and here and there in the dress shapes. I'm not into the cowboy inspired look that they showed at the end and I don't really feel the comeback of the blue denim, but I surely loved to see Georgia May Jagger, she is such a doll!!

There's no way I'll get a piece of these beauties, but I can always steel the model and have it done :)) Or at least take inspiration, hope you also do!!!

Here are my favorites!!

Look how cool this girl is!

I could see myself in Saint Tropez wearing this, on the beach...A! Galmorous life...

This is me 10 years from now . Really, it is!

This clearly came here from the late 90's, don't you agree?

marți, 4 mai 2010

Curls and Peacocks

These are some pictures of a look I did yesterday, with the help of my new Remington Pro Spiral Curls. It was a one of the gifts I received for my birthday and I was so happy for it. Look how good they look! The make up was a very simple light/dark green.

I felt very good dressed like that, I felt a little slimmer than I actually am , haha:))) And I absolutely love these earrings, I know they're everywhere lately, but I still love them :D

What do you think?

Blouse: Zara
Pants: Mango
Shoes: local brand, I've never been more in love with some shoes and I've had these ones for almost 3 years!!!

duminică, 2 mai 2010

1 May in Vama Veche

Hy. I was MIA since Tuesday because we had a weekend vacation and I was out of town with no Internet. We went to Vama Veche, that's a little village by the sea shore , well known in Romania for the place to have fun if you like good music. It used to be the it place for rockers back in the day, now you can here many music genders there, but it's still great. It was so much fun, too bad it was for such a short amount of time.

Today it's also an important day since I was born 23 years ago . Yes lovelies, it is my birthday. :D I feel very tired already, but I have to prepare for the evening too.

So I'll live you with a few pictures and a promise that in a few days a new make up look will be up!

Have a great day!


This is not a fashion picture. It was freakin' cold and I put everything I had on me :)) But I love these jeans

These are our friends, Radu and Ema. We love them so much!!!

A little sneak peak on my natural purple make up