marți, 27 aprilie 2010

Gorgeous affordable jewelry !

Hy! I'm so exited because I found a great website that has the most gorgeous and fashionable affordable jewelry. I found out about it from one of my fav youtube guru's videos, it's Pixiwoo, they're 2 sisters from UK, professionally trained make up artists that have great make up tutorials and a new channel, Pixiwoo Madness about their lives. Hope you check them out!

The jewelry website it's called Talullah Tu and it is so great, it has statement pieces inspired by real high end cat walk jewelry ! They're so nice! I will show you below my favs , which I hope I'll get at a certain point :P. And they deliver world wide! Isn't that great? I love it when I find web store within Europe because some of the US web stores don't deliver to Eastern Europe... :(

I uploaded pics mostly of rings, because I love rings, if I could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of my life it would be a ring :D The first 2 are my favorites!!!

Have a great day!!


Fuschia_Agate_Stone_Ring 13.82 eur

Jewel_Serpent_Ring 18.42 eur

Pink_Skull_Swarovski_Rings 36.84 eur

Purple_Swarovski_Cocktail_Ring 32.24 eur

Purple_Swarovski_Cocktail_Ring 32.24 eur

Turquoise_Beaded_Crystal_Rign 13.82 eur

Pink_Flower_Bracelet 13.82 eur

Turquoise_Enamel_Crystal_Serpent_Bangle 17.27 eur

Turquoise_Bead_Statement_Necklace 27.63 eur

Statement_Jewel_Bib_Necklace 13.82 eur

Pearl_Twist_Flower_Necklace 18.42 eur

Black_Lace_Flower_Earrings 5.18 eur

talullahfeatherpink 11.51 eur

Gold_Love_Chain_Charm_Brooch 11.51 eur

duminică, 25 aprilie 2010

Luxury dreams...

Hy, some of you may now that one of my fav designers ever is Alberta Ferretti. I adore her designs, they're elegant and classic most of the time but the colors and the textures always make them look very very chic and ...not to mention GORGEOUS!! :))
Of course I don't have the money to buy one of her designs, but I dream of becoming filthy rich and one day having everything I wish for. Until then, I'm going to show you some great pieces found on, a great source of inspiration for those on a low budget :D

have a great Sunday everyone!!


silk jersey fringed dress

silk satin fringed skirt

silk fringed pencil skirt

silk chiffon ribbon vest

pleated crepe skirt

mythology chiffon blouse

embroidered mesh cropped top

chain detailed silk dress

beaded chiffon dress

luni, 19 aprilie 2010

Camilla Belle - an inspiration

I feel a little guilty for being a bad blogger lately, but unfortunately this happened because of some very important personal problems. Saturday night my bf's dog died and you can imagine how that was. It was very hard on me because I was with his until the last moment. If anyone wants so see a sweet little video of him, here's the video.

And now...on a more happy note, let me post a few inspiration pictures of Camilla Belle,I just saw that she is on almost every "best dressed" list on, she is so beautiful and stylish. This might be because of her fashion designer mother or the fact that she's a Libra and has a great sense of beauty and art. But anyway, the girl can put up some great outfits. These are some of the looks I mostly like on her. I appreciate the fact that she wears very casual pieces on her everyday looks but can still be super glamorous for the evening. I especially love the first YSL dress,it is amazing on her!

marți, 13 aprilie 2010

From the series of great youtubers I give you JulieG 713

So the third youtuber that I'd like to introduce to you it's JulieG 713, she is a very sweet girl, always with a big smile on her face, doing make up, nails and fashion videos and tutorials, she is such a mood bumper! I love watching her videos, she's very professional in make up and she's also continuing her studies!Isn't that great? I think she's one of the first people doing make up on youtube!

Hope you'll check her out, she does great tutorials on both bold and wearable looks!

duminică, 11 aprilie 2010

Another great youtuber - Klaire de Lys

She is another girl that does great make up looks, mostly special occasions or holidays looks, on a budget! Most of the products she uses are very affordable, proving that the most important thing is your imagination, not your money! Hope you check her out and subscribe to her channel, cause she's great!!


sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010

Favorite youtubers!! - Miss Chievous

Hy! Since one of my main internet occupations it's watching beauty and make up videos on YouTube , I wanted to share with you videos of my favorite "make up gurus". I don't actually like the term guru, because everybody's using it these days, even those that are not really professionals or don't deserve it...

But for the following days I will post , each day a video of one of my favorite channel, I hope you'll enjoy it and subscribe to them, cause they are so inspirational!!

The first one is Miss Chievous, she's a girl from Switzerland with Canadian backgrounds (hope I'm not mistaken), a self taught make up artist that does beautiful tutorials, I've learned a lot from her and I've watched every one of her videos! She also has a second channel called The Third Shift where she posts videos of her personal life. And from time to time she does great giveaways!!


duminică, 4 aprilie 2010

An Easter look :)

Happy Easter to everyone that's celebrating today!
I am and I'm so exited about the yummy food I'm gonna eat :D

I took some photos of the make up I had on yesterday evening when we went to Church.It's not exactly a proper church look, but we didn't actually entered, because it was very very crowded, so...I guess it's ok :P
I don't know when this became a make up blog, but I love what I did this time because it looks kind of professional to me :D

Hope you have a great day!!!

I love these colors!

An extra picture of the cupcakes I made, they're so good :D