sâmbătă, 26 iunie 2010

Sunset on the beach nails!

Hy! I'm back to show you a great nail design I have , it's a sunset on the beach. The design was originally made by JulieG713 on YT, you can see her video at this link :) It's not as hard as it looks ;)
Although it has been raining lately here, I am trying to keep up my summery spirit and there are other summer nail desings comming up.
Hope you like it!

In the mean time, see you on Twitter or Facebook!


This image totally makes me want to go to the beach ... :X

joi, 10 iunie 2010

I have seen it and loved it - Sex and the City 2 !!!

I finally went to see it! And it BLEW MY MIND AWAY! I have to say that I have always been a huge fan of the series and of the first movie and until this moment I have not read any other reviews anywhere.
But it was amazing! All the clothes, shoes, jewelry! And the humor, it was magnificent!
We all knew it would be a happy ending, but I'm sure nobody was expecting such interesting turn of situations until the end! I loved the views, I loved Samantha, as always and I just adored everything else. I heard from somody it had bad review, but I don't care abote any bad review, because for me it was great!
There are not many movie that can get my full attention so that I don't want to miss any detail or line, but this was one of them!!

I also loved the fact that Miranda got to have such amazing outfits in this movie, compared to the other one and the series. Loved her dress at the gay wedding, it killed me, but I didn't find it on the Internet. It must be somewhere, but I didn't had patience enough to search for it...:P

Super funny !! And arriving in NY in 1986??? I wasn't even born until 1987 !! :)) And I'm sure that for many of you, your parents didn't even knew each other in '86 :P

This was Liza Minnelli , people, really her! She's such an icon!!!

Super beautiful wedding, I didn't thought it was exagerated, I wish I could have a wedding like that :D

How can you not love her???

marți, 8 iunie 2010

I'm featured on Fashion Whore's blog + Alfred Hitchcock nails :D

Hy guys! I am posting pictures of my new nail model, I took it from Miss Chievous, a YT make up and beauty guru (I have talked about her here previously). This model is inspired by the movie "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. The birds on the white are ...well...the birds! And the white design on the black represents Hitchcock's profile turned into a kind of logo of his. You can google it to see the real one:)

Hope you like it, I'm surely loving it!

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I got featured on the amazing fashion blog called Fashion Whore! I love that blog and I thing most of you do to. If you don't know about it go ahead and check it out now!!It has great news and inspiration!

Have a great day!


And a close up on the profile :)