duminică, 11 aprilie 2010

Another great youtuber - Klaire de Lys

She is another girl that does great make up looks, mostly special occasions or holidays looks, on a budget! Most of the products she uses are very affordable, proving that the most important thing is your imagination, not your money! Hope you check her out and subscribe to her channel, cause she's great!!


8 comentarii:

  1. WOW, masquerade makeup! I've never ever seen anything like this before! I'm truly amazed:)


  2. Fantastic. As I've probably mentioned, I do have my own YouTube channel(misterpantybuns), so I will be sure to log in, comment and subscribe! I love stage makeup too.

  3. you have a lovely blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing as always, darling!
    and thanks for your kind comments


  4. great ! i love makeup vidoes very much :D
    they're more helpful than normal makeup artists..
    MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters

  5. I wish I had makeup skills. Le sigh.