luni, 19 aprilie 2010

Camilla Belle - an inspiration

I feel a little guilty for being a bad blogger lately, but unfortunately this happened because of some very important personal problems. Saturday night my bf's dog died and you can imagine how that was. It was very hard on me because I was with his until the last moment. If anyone wants so see a sweet little video of him, here's the video.

And now...on a more happy note, let me post a few inspiration pictures of Camilla Belle,I just saw that she is on almost every "best dressed" list on, she is so beautiful and stylish. This might be because of her fashion designer mother or the fact that she's a Libra and has a great sense of beauty and art. But anyway, the girl can put up some great outfits. These are some of the looks I mostly like on her. I appreciate the fact that she wears very casual pieces on her everyday looks but can still be super glamorous for the evening. I especially love the first YSL dress,it is amazing on her!

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  1. I love Camilla..
    she's naturally pretty,


  2. sorry to hear that...
    I like her style but I can't stand her..I don't know why...

  3. aww no, i can imagine
    my doggies are my life, that sux but i guess thats how life is
    on other notes she looks gorgeous!!

  4. beautiful actors on beautiful blog great post

  5. Oh some of those outfits are soooo chic! Thanks for sharing!

  6. great picks! she is very gorgeous, but there is always something about her expression or.. aura (?) that is just a teensy bit annoying. her expression just seems a bit cold to me, but she is definitely chic. :]

    i hope everything is alright! my friend had to put down her dog a few months ago, so i think i know how you feel. :/

  7. camilla really is a BELLE !
    anykind of looks and outfit suit her !

  8. She's worn some beautiful dresses.
    I agree with you, that YSL dress is stunning on her!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your BF's dog...
    Camilla Belle is stunning, I love her brows! And her fashion choices give her a 10+. Pity we don't see her around much!

  10. I love Camilla's style and that green dress is especially fabulous. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's dog. Hope she's doing okay.

  11. she's beautiful....and i love her dresses!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me!!!
    xoxo francesca

  12. finante,banci...Ase-Fabbv...nume lung,facultate grea:(

  13. hahah yeah i actually when its about to flash i do weird poses!

  14. so chic
    love your blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing!
    and thanks so much for your sweet comments!


  15. she always carry herself with such poise..I'd presume that's why she always look stunning in anything she wears!
    also I was wondering about the constellation of your theory on Libra with beauty and that for real?? this coming from a curious libran :)

    eclectic du jour

  16. Gorgeous woman!

    I am sorry for you best friend dog :(

  17. Aaah I am so sorry to hear about ur BF doggie : ( xxx

  18. She is so pretty and she definitely have style. :-)