sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010

Favorite youtubers!! - Miss Chievous

Hy! Since one of my main internet occupations it's watching beauty and make up videos on YouTube , I wanted to share with you videos of my favorite "make up gurus". I don't actually like the term guru, because everybody's using it these days, even those that are not really professionals or don't deserve it...

But for the following days I will post , each day a video of one of my favorite channel, I hope you'll enjoy it and subscribe to them, cause they are so inspirational!!

The first one is Miss Chievous, she's a girl from Switzerland with Canadian backgrounds (hope I'm not mistaken), a self taught make up artist that does beautiful tutorials, I've learned a lot from her and I've watched every one of her videos! She also has a second channel called The Third Shift where she posts videos of her personal life. And from time to time she does great giveaways!!


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  1. Oh so cool! I love watching make up videos on youtube too! I usually follow Michelle Phan:)


  2. That's a great YouTube video on how to do a pretty, attention getting nail polish job. Since I have a YouTube channel on which I male-model full brief panties (misterpantybuns's Channel) I'll make sure to log in and check out The Third Shift (Miss Chievous's channel).

  3. I watch a lot of make up tutorials on YouTube but I'm not skilled enough to make it look as good as them :(

  4. Haha, that's so funny - my sister is OBSESSED with watching beauty related videos, too. (even though she doesn't wear make-up. Um, er.. Anyways).

    Those nails are ridiculously awesome. I used to always decorize (made up word) my nails and I should definitely go back to that. Leopord is such an awesome idea!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. this is such a fun way to decorate your nails..beauty videos can be so inspiring ;)

    eclectic du jour

  6. Omg this is just fantastic, Diane!! Thank you for sharing this video and keep on posting ones that catch your eye. xx

  7. me and my cousin one time we spent hours and hours looking for this kind of videos
    it was quite fun!