duminică, 2 mai 2010

1 May in Vama Veche

Hy. I was MIA since Tuesday because we had a weekend vacation and I was out of town with no Internet. We went to Vama Veche, that's a little village by the sea shore , well known in Romania for the place to have fun if you like good music. It used to be the it place for rockers back in the day, now you can here many music genders there, but it's still great. It was so much fun, too bad it was for such a short amount of time.

Today it's also an important day since I was born 23 years ago . Yes lovelies, it is my birthday. :D I feel very tired already, but I have to prepare for the evening too.

So I'll live you with a few pictures and a promise that in a few days a new make up look will be up!

Have a great day!


This is not a fashion picture. It was freakin' cold and I put everything I had on me :)) But I love these jeans

These are our friends, Radu and Ema. We love them so much!!!

A little sneak peak on my natural purple make up

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  1. I miss you all sooo much! But I promise I'll be there this summer ! I have to :D
    Hope you had a great time in Vama Veche!

    so many hugs and kisses!!!

    P.S. And happy birthday !!! You're taurus like me ihihi :D Tanti auguri !!!!!

  2. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u had a lovely day!!! best wishes!

    xoxo jenna

  3. Happy birthday Diane! Wishing you all the best. xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday! Thanks for following my blog, :) x

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I know it was yesterday but I didn't know what date it was, sorry! I hope you had a wonderful time, which I think you did thanks to the photos. You deserve it :)

  6. This is a lovely post!! Happy birthday :)

  7. happy birthday diane :) :)
    that peacok earring is gorgeous ! also love you in the curly locks !