miercuri, 12 mai 2010

Have you seen the Chanel resort 2011 collection?

It is amazing! Thank you again Mr. Lagerfeld for creating such amazing trends for us! For keeping the print on the spotlight, for the happy pastels, for the amount of pink used, for the 90's air that I kind of felt in those strapy sandals and here and there in the dress shapes. I'm not into the cowboy inspired look that they showed at the end and I don't really feel the comeback of the blue denim, but I surely loved to see Georgia May Jagger, she is such a doll!!

There's no way I'll get a piece of these beauties, but I can always steel the model and have it done :)) Or at least take inspiration, hope you also do!!!

Here are my favorites!!

Look how cool this girl is!

I could see myself in Saint Tropez wearing this, on the beach...A! Galmorous life...

This is me 10 years from now . Really, it is!

This clearly came here from the late 90's, don't you agree?

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  1. Hmmm...I don't know what to think, really! Some things look lovely, others, not so much. Then again, I think other haute couture houses are more my style than Chanel.
    Hope you're well, XO

  2. that dress that abbey wears is just amazing, i want one
    i need one, i need to have one hahah

  3. LOVING these runway looks
    really chic and fabulous
    thanks for sharing as always
    and i really appreciate your lovely comment!


  4. I liked this collection but I just somehow wasn't that satisfied. I just expected so much more than merely "pretty" from Chanel, don't you think?
    Love your blog though, followed you. :)

  5. I think the stripy long dress is really nice

    Nadiye x

  6. once again.looking at this post and im craving this dress so bad!

  7. yep!
    and it looks so much better than the fall/winter one:)

  8. Mr. Lagerfeld never disappoints!
    those flowy dresses makes the perfect beach wear <3<3<3
    oh I can only imagine :)

    eclectic du jour

  9. the male model on the motorbike looks hot :P
    i love this collection alot too..

    cheers for the nice comments :)
    have a great TGIF !

  10. great collocation these girl looks so sexy on sexy outfits

  11. 90"s yes....something...and little bit Japan little bit...
    But i LOVE THEM!

  12. I'm unsure about this collection but I love that bathing suit.

  13. hi thaks for lovely come i like it enjoy life

  14. Love it!!!! So fabulous and classy <3

    P.S. What do you think about GG !!! I posted a sneak peak of the grand finale!!! I'm so excited! Just can't wait!

  15. Great collection, I love how the dress is flowing in the second photo

  16. very interesting post

    lovely collections

  17. that second dress is so pretty


  18. I love the first two dresses!
    Hope you have an awesome day!

  19. yeah i should take it to the tailor but i wont
    its too expensive maybe when i have money!