miercuri, 19 mai 2010

Gossip Girl fans, are you with me???

OMG, I died when I saw the last episode. It is unbelievable. I still cannot realize ! I want Chuck and Blair together forever and I hope they fix him in season 4! Thanks God for season 4!!
I'm still shocked.. And what's the deal with that baby? I'm sure it's not Dan's baby... A...I won't be able to lay around all summer waiting for season 4...

Please please please Josh, bring Blair and Chuck together again in the beginning of S4 or my heart will be broken...

Sorry for the unrelated to fashion post, but this is to heavy on me. I love this show so much and I believe Chuck and Blair are the best couple in a TV series or movie I ever saw!!!
Bare with me, I'll get to my regular posting again soon! :D


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  1. omg they broke up?
    i love blair and chuck together.what's happened ?why?

  2. haha ive been barely watching this season..only bits and pieces to watch out for some of my clients featured on the show and even i was in shock with the ending..chuck & blair forever =)


  3. this post is totally understandable..
    chuck and blair are definitely one of tv's best couple!
    and i'm sure all the other GG fanatics would all agree :)

    eclectic du jour

  4. Yup, i am a Gossip Girl fan!
    I love that movie, darling!

  5. Omg i know!!!! how could he?!!!

  6. I am only now getting a chance to watch GG,I have only watched season 1, (yes i know : ) ) BUT I am getting all the other seasons, so I can get up to date with everything asap! Have a lovely wknd xx

  7. So sad..i've tried to watch this show but i just don't like it as much as i like 90210