sâmbătă, 25 septembrie 2010

I love Alberta Ferretti so much!

First of all I have to say that browsing through the latest collections has made my days so much brighter. It's such a thrill!

Now, the people that have been reading my blog since its beginnings know that one of my fav designer ever is Alberta Ferretti. I just fall in love with her again and again.
It's amazing how much fantasy, happiness and dreaming she can put into her clothing and make then ethereal.
I totally adore every dress, every blouse, each color and material....

I think that's what angels wear and I wanna spend eternity in an AF gown...

As for the latest collection, there's really nothing more to say...It's like introducing a star like Antony Hopkins at the Oscars, there's no presentation to be added.

Here's what I loved. Did you love it? :D

(images from style.com)

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8 comentarii:

  1. great post :) i following you :) follow back? :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Love Ferretti!
    now following you, care to follow back

  3. I didn't see it yet, but love the third look you posted:)

  4. you're not the only one who looks alberta ferreti !
    i love them too !

  5. you know whats so funny? 4 days ago i wwas going trhough my comments and i found one of you and i click on you blog and i was like oh yes dianne
    so glad your back!!!

  6. So flowing and delicate. I like too!