marți, 28 septembrie 2010

Missed my Make Up Looks? :D

Hy, I wanted to show you a look I had on 2 nights ago. It's pretty bright and joyful, I was probably thinking of the happy summer days. (Although this year it was horribly hot here in Romania...)

So I did this with the 120 and I don't recomend doing it without a primer, like I did that night, cause it will fade away. But if you have these color from higher end brands or use a good primer, they should stick very well :)

My skin is to glowy cause I'm still on the summer mode of no powder. That has to change!!

Like it? :D

9 comentarii:

  1. great makeup as always diane !
    yellow and green arent easy to pull off !

    thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

  2. i actually did miss your makeup tutorails.
    and yeah they do remeind me of kindergarden too
    i used to wear something like that minus the wedge in black=)

  3. Looks really pretty! Love it! :)

  4. AMAZING MAKE UP?! YES, it's been awhile!

    Beautiful, as always! It reminds me of vacations for some reason - something with limes and lemons and tropical trees and sunsets.

    Or maybe I'm just being VERY nostalgic for summer! Hm.

  5. Dear, you are such a very good make up artist!
    Btw, what brand and color of eyeshadows did you use?
    I like it a lot!

  6. OMG! where have you been? haha the makeup is pretty love it

    -The Fashion Wh0re

  7. I loooooove it :)))


  8. Hey - do you have a youtube channel? I feel like you deserve/ DEFINITELY SHOULD BE one of those famous youtube make-up girls!