duminică, 28 februarie 2010

I heart Alberta Ferretti !

Ever since I started browsing through the fashion world I had a thing for Alberta Ferretti's designs. I love them because they're always feminine in a non cheesy way, they look very seductive, but non cheap sexy, the materials look very comfortable an the color choice is so sophisticated. It's classical elegance without using excessive black. But rather interesting use of beige, turquoise, blue, some light gold.

These collection was astonishing when looking at the sheer dresses that made the models look like they were a Shakespearean fantasy... Like an ode to the idea of women... And still wearable! Those coat are so ready-to-wear! Plus an A+ for loosing the platform!

And the fabrics are also so inspiring! A lot of faux fur, a lot of chiffon, don't you just love this combination?

It is my favorite collection yet, not because it sets some undeniable trends or it's cutting edge, but just because those clothes make me feel so goo when looking at them. Obviously, I don't afford an A.F. piece, but...a girl can only dream!....

If you're around style.com, check out her 2009 F/W RTW , it was magnificent!

What do you guys think?

Below are my favorite items of the collection

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  1. that second black dress is what dreams are made of!

  2. That third dress is very interesting

  3. love that teal coat... it's very my style.

    PS. I would love it if you checked out my blog ;) http://diyainherstilettos.blogspot.com/

  4. The collection is so gorgeous. xoxo

  5. love the sheer dress from the second pic to the last!

  6. #2 needs to walk the red carpet and the color in #4 is incredible!

  7. i love the dresses ah i so want an awesome dress now!
    oh yeah no its not a dress
    obivoulsy i didnt wear this to go out
    but yeah i wear pants undeartheat it!

  8. Ohh Diane awesome pictures! I love the tantalizing electric aqua colour!! So cool yet so hot!

  9. oh my! Love it :D Really love the second last dress <3

  10. hey girl, thanks so much for tracking my blog back from fashion whore's article. these are amazing pictures, the second is to die for. i want it !

    xx lue

  11. This is super cute! The first two dresses are gorgeous!

  12. these are fabulous dresses !
    thanks for the comments !
    visit - follow - comment me

  13. I love Alberat's designs too...they have such a feminine feel to them!