marți, 9 februarie 2010

Amazing rings! and 2 more blog awards :D

Hy guys, today I'm going to post some photos of the mst amazing rings I found on A very good friend of mine send me this link. She is a great artist and a very sweet person, thanks Agnana!!!
This website holds photos of the pieces of art of some amazing people all over the world and the crazy jewelry can be bought on Etsy for super cheap prices!!

So, I was drawling over the food shaped ones, because, as you might know, I love to eat :))

So, enjoy!
This amazing piece made by Aliona Alic is the greatest. I have never seen a most beautiful ring (+ the photo it's great!)

Philippe Tournaire
Private collection of professor Aubrey Thislequick
Private collection of professor Aubrey Thislequick
made by Bjorg
made by Bjorg (what about these for a wish list???)
made by Bjorg
made by Oriona
made by Oriona
made by Oriona (yes, these are earrings!)

made by Sofia. I love this one so much, since this is my fav dessert, Fondant au Chocolat!! :D

made by Sofia

Next I'll be posting 2 awards for which I'm so grateful and so happy about! You guys passing me an award makes my whole day! :D:D:D

So the first one is the "You're a doll"award and the fact is that yesterday I was reading some blogs and saw someone that had it and I just thought it was so cool becase of the picture! I got it from Missy at The Fashion Fusion. Go check out her blog, she always posts the best inspiration and celebrity photos!!!

I'd like to pass this award to 7 dolls of the fashion blogosphere :

Lexy at Quirky Explosion

Kristie at The Society of Style
Miss Neira
Nina Ballerina
Kata Wagner Berg
Michelle at Glisters and Blisters

The second award is from Nina at Nina Ballerina Closet Obssesion, she is such a cool mom and a stylish fashionista! And she passed me the Kreativ Blog Award. Yey!!

So I'll have to post 7 interesting things about myself :P

1. I actually dream of making it in Hollywood (with no realistic basses) :))
2. I never liked short boys. Only tall ones.
3. When I was around 12 I used to listen to Britney Spears and dance in front of the mirror. In high school I used to listen to HIM and not dance at all :))
4. I am very afraid of any desseases. If I hear about something I will pray not to have it. Guess I'm a hypochondriac.
5. I haven't ride a roller coaster and I will never ride one for as long as I live!
6. I often look in the mirror and say out loud: "God, I'm so beautiful!" :))
7. I am a Gossip Girl and Californication freak!

Well, now I'll pass it to 10 lovely and kreativ bloggers:

Valencia at Roll up your Sleeve
Sher at Beneath the Crystal Stars
Vera at Deep in Vogue
Fashiion Diaries
Fashion Nerdic
Mom and Son
Novita Ristiana
Nubia at Nubia's Nonsense
The Freakum Dress
Clara at Zebra Trash

Thanks also to Mariska at Great Mariska for passing me the Happy 101 award, which I already received once, you can read it here.
Have a fun day everybody!

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  1. Love the rings.
    Greetings from California.

    XXX, Kim

    P.S Followed!

  2. really cool rings!
    thanks so much for the award, that's so kind of you :)
    and hey, maybe one day you wil make it in H, nothing is impossible if you work really hard :D

  3. what a fabulous rings..
    my fave is thr 4th and 5th ring..

  4. ohhh,,all the fabolous rings!
    wanna to have it dear...
    beer and chocolate rings is sooo wonderful!
    congratz to the award diane..


  5. Love the rings :) congrats on the award

    Love vanilla

  6. Oh yum, I've always been a fan of foodie rings! SO delicious!!

    Congrats on the awards diane!! And thank you so much for passing it on to me, I'm so honoured:))


  7. Hi Diane, thank you for the sweet award! I love this post, all the fun jewelry pieces! These Sofia rights are amazing..

  8. Congrats on the awards Diane. Those are such fun and quirky rings... they are huge too. Hahaha! Have a great day! xoxo

  9. Congrats on ur awards, u deserve them : ) Luv these rings, wow, they are soo different! xx

  10. Congratulations on your awards!! I love your collection of unique and beautiful rings ;)

  11. awesome photos!!!
    thank you again for the award and so you should move to california then!!!

    love gg too cant wait for the new season!

  12. Firs of all thank you sooo much the wonderful award! I am really happy for it!
    Gonna put to my blog soon I got little time
    ( Sean is really active this days)

    Those rings are amazing!

    Big Hug,Kata

  13. so funny! love all the rings but some are a bit MUCH dont you think??

  14. Wow! It was so much fun going through those pics! :) xoxo


  15. cuz she is on the cover pretending to be jesus or some bs like that
    i dont know

  16. omg, i am so happy to know someone who haven't rode a roller coaster and swore not to ride it ever! i thought i'm the only one!!!! but yeah, i just don't understand why people ride that thing. lol. congrats on the award. you deserve it!


  17. wow, so love your blog. to die for. stunning.
    feel free to visit my blog and follow if you like :)

  18. Wowwww,those rings and accessories are just so stunning!!

    And thanks so much for all your lovely comments and girl heeee you spelled my name wrongly but its alright <3

  19. The rings are so funny! Especially the one with the dessert!
    Thank u so much for the award honey! I really appreciete it!

  20. What utterly beautiful AND unique jewelry!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the award! I am beyond excited!

  21. Wooow, amazing rings! I LOVE the first three.

  22. thanks for the award dear :D
    those rings are soooo rad !
    i love all of em esp that bird one !


  23. love love love the mansion by Philippe Tournaire. And the bug two down. Amazing!

  24. I love the "Frankly My Dear I don't Give a Damn" Great bling :D

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