miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Why do we hate the 90s fashion?

First of all I have to apologize for not posting so often lately, it's because I've been very busy with my exams and at work.

But, I was thinking to ask you all, why do you think everybody around the fashion world speaks so bad about the 90s fashion? In my opinion fashion it's a way of expressing the characteristics of a certain society at a certain moment, so if people were wearing big t-shirts and knee long denim pants of those electric silvers and neon colors it must have been because all aspects of life were making it happen. And now, that we can look at the 90s from the distance of another decade of (what we think it's) great fashion trends we say: "God, did I ever wear that? Oh, no!"

Well probably some of you didn't wear anything picked by you in the 90s because you were to small. I was born in 87 so I was very young also but I remember begging my mother to buy me some very short neon orange and yellow t-short that I would never wear now, but that look so cool at the time! Let's face it:it was the time of Nirvana, No doubt, Backstreet boys, ordering from Quelle magazine and getting the Rachel ("Friends") hair do! It was pretty fun!

I hope maybe we can get some answers from the older (and wiser) readers on this subject, the ones that lived through the 90s and tell us: is that bad fashion or is it just fashion that had it's life in it's given time ?

Enjoy the pictures below ;)

Cindy Crawford in Michael Kors

The it TV series of the 90s. Did you loved them or what?

I love this add
Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell. Another cool series!

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  1. Omg, This is brilliant! I remeber all these fashions and pics!! Hope u have a lovely day xx

  2. zack ... never loved him

    not suprisingly if screech didnt have such an annoying voice i would of been in love hha

    by the way, your comments are always so sweet. thank you im bad at replying but im getting better!

    the dress you have on in your top header photo, SO CUTE!

    have a lovely day , darlin!

  3. Zach was hott but not cuter than Mario Lopez and his cute lil dimples..& i like the Newer 90210 wayyy better to me...great post

  4. I've just discoverd your blog and I like it!

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  5. bahhahah . i loved this post very much !
    i've posted ur award as well :D

    those are great photos .
    thanks for sharing it with us..

    thx for the comment on my blog
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  6. I think in a few years these fashions will be back in again, we've just had a bit on an 80's craze.... so you never know :)

    Love vanilla

  7. hello dianne, thanks a lot for your comment. Just wish me all the best for my next lovelife dear, i won't stuck on this day..

  8. Haha, I am loving this travel in time :) Backstreet Boys.. oh how I adored them. I had like 60 posters in my room. I think in a few years time we will be going back to the 90s again. It is always the same. I could not have believed wearing leggins again and here they are :)

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with the 90s, great music but terrible fashion! ha

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  12. the pic of Cindy Crowford is actual. I love it!

  13. I am a child of the 80s and I've worn all those neon colored pants and other 80s stuff. I guess I've worn too many colors during those days that I got so tired with it. Hahaha!

  14. hahhah well i love zack morris hahha
    i used but yeah so some things are cute though!

  15. Hahaha, so funny to see these pictures!

  16. wow, this brought me back to the big tshirt and big pants days. =)


  17. great post! love all the 90's pics x

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  18. love your blog!

    i really like 90's grunge

  19. I was a teenager in the ´90s but I don´t recall an specific style, really. I liked how we dressed back then.

    B* a la Moda

  20. Beverly Hills 90210.Who doesn't remember that series? I was watching all the time :)

    I HAD a trousers like that( on the 1st pic)

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  22. i have to admit, some were cool and some were just hideous!

  23. GREAT POST ! 90's looks kinda fun :L love your blog, comment on mine ?

    thanks ! :DDD


    look forward to your oppinion

  24. I liked saved by the bell and beverly hills 90210 :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog ;)


  25. Haha this post is hilarious! Love it. We always look back and think 'oh dear, why did I wear that' but we'll probably think that when we look back at 2005 in 2020.

  26. Thank you so much for the tag! I was so busy these days but I managed to post finally!
    Kisses and hugs sweet Diane!


  27. I loved 90210.. these are all so cool


  28. LOL!! Great post! I think we don't like the 90s anymore because it's so radically different from the fsahion today.


  29. I don't hate 90s fashion, even though I sure wouldn't wear those kind of outfits these days! But just like people hated the 80s style in the 90s, I'm sure the style will make a comeback soon ;)

  30. I was born in 90 so I wouldn't be able to say much. All I can say is that the next decade will frown upon our so-called-trends, so what goes around come around!

  31. love it and saved by the bell have not seen that in forever x

  32. actually, I adore the bevhills look.

  33. Flashback to the past. Love those pics!

  34. I don't pay too much attention to fashion, but I must agree, most of the time it was too structured...like, too many suits (ugly ones, of course. What I do despise though, is the makeup! Brown lips everywhere! Gross!
    XO, I hope your week is fabulous =)

  35. love all this pictures!
    thanks for the sweet comment :) <3 xx

  36. hahaha great post! i smiled the whole way through...xo

  37. the only thing that I can remember in the 90s (as a little girl) were those neon skirt with the picture of a beach stitched in it. It was such a cute skirt. Looking at those 90s fashion images, I gotta say , they were wonderful! What an excellent decade I have lived in, even though I was not noticing the reality of the world since I was autistic.

  38. the only thing that I can remember in the 90s (as a little girl) were those neon skirt with the picture of a beach stitched in it. It was such a cute skirt. Looking at those 90s fashion images, I gotta say , they were wonderful! What an excellent decade I have lived in, even though I was not noticing the reality of the world since I was autistic.