vineri, 26 februarie 2010

Red lips - hot or not?

You might have noticed the big amount of red lips on runways these days. They're already very present in the looks and tutorials of make up artists on youtube and the blogging world and as I see it, it's a big trend of reintroducing the classic red lip as well as the lipstick instead of lip gloss. This is a strong move over at Chanel, they're making big efforts with the new lipstick line to teach women that lipstick it's the feminine , classy, sexy way to do lips.

But do we follow make up trends like we follow clothing trends? Do you? Or do you just wear the make up that looks good on you? Is the red lip something you'll be wearing in the following autumn / winter ?

P.S. Plus what's up with the "no eyebrows" trend? That appears to be everywhere and frankly, I don't like it! Is it suppose to send some kind of cultural message about people nowadays? Will we be the no eyebrow generation in the eyes of the up comming generations ? :)))

Here are a few images from the runways that I thought were significant:

Donna Karan Collection

Herve Leger by Max Azria

Issa - a darker tone

Just Cavalli
Karen Walker

Luca Luca

19 comentarii:

  1. I love seeing red lips on others but I cannot do it on myself... I can't carry red on my lips. xoxo

  2. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of red lips, even on others. But I'm feeling more favourable towards the darker shade these days, perhaps I'm finally conforming haha.

  3. Like Leah, I appreciate the red lips on other people but don't have the gumption to do it on my own lips. I'm sooo chicken ... great post!

  4. I love red lips! I don't use them out much, since I'm rather shy, but if I had just a tiny bit more will-power, I'd definitely rock them! Now the no eyebrow trend...that's different, no eyebrows are just gross!

  5. Of course I'm all for red lips! But a BIG no to the no-eyebrow trend:)


  6. yes red lips !!!
    thankyou your serioulsy the sweetest
    thank you for all your always comments

    have a very nice weekend

  7. no eyebrows is an AWFUL trend! but i've had a lot of fun with the red lip trend.

  8. I love a nice red lip, but I wouldn't wear it all the time :)

    Love vanilla

  9. love these pics - not sure if im brave enough for red lippy but id love to give it a go x

  10. Beautiful red difficult to make.
    When I was learning make up I done so many times.
    I don't like it on me.

  11. I love the red lips look...especially when its done by celebs on the red-carpet....i just wish i had the the complexion to carry it off...and the no-eyebrow look...too dated for my taste!

  12. i'm too pale for red lips! :(

    For everything about fashion:

  13. Oh yes, red lips are hot! It depends pretty much on who's wearing them..
    But if I'm to be part of the next no eyebrow generation I have to say a BIG NO to the no eyebrows thing! Eyebrows frame your face and well-groomed, perfect brows give you a polished look even when you're not wearing makeup so I don't want to imagine my face with no eyebrows.

    Xoxo my dear Diane

  14. I prefer red lips on me because I look older when I
    wear darker lipstick. Yipeee....two thumbs up on red lips!

    Have a great weekend, my dear!

  15. WAY hot! I'm totally crushin' on red pouts right now!

  16. I'll always be a huge fan of red lips as it is always so classic and will never go out of style I guess.

    And red lips always draws attention to the face and then th rest of an outfit,awesome!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments all the time when I couldn't do the same back <3

  17. Red lips are so fabulous!! They're my fave!

  18. SO TRUE. Red lips are every where. I think that they're really fabulous, but not really for me. I'm not that daring with make-up and what not.

    But for a make-up pro like you... I'd love to see how you rock this trend!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!