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A review of NY FW

A little oppinion on what I've seen on the catwalks these few weeks. It seems like blue is the new red (even though we did had some amazing red pieces) and nude is the new black.Don't you think? Everybody it's crazy about that electric blue and the nude, beige, earthy (autumnly...) colors are every where.There's also the print issue, that is: you either go with bold print or non at all. They're still playing with geometry a lot,a lot of interesting volums, a lot of shapes.

The tights are still hot (which is great in my oppinion!) with their little sister,the high socks. A little surprizing for me is the fact that platforms are not going anywhere in 2010, while some of the predictions were that we'll slowely go back to the kitten heel. Not for the moment, no. Dresses and skirts are still, most of the times, very short (yey!) or very long. But I think the idea is to play with texture, play with very bold colors and mix them with the nudes and the black, don't be afraid of original shapes,don't be afraid of volume and hights.

I especially liked Betsey Johnson and Lacoste. You might wonder: what do they have in common? I'll tell you what: the models smiled! Yes people, real models actually smiling on the catwalk. Don't know about you, but that is so refreshing for me when I see it! It's lovely to look at someone in fabulous clothes smiling,not looking angry like hell :))

I also loved the Naeem Khan collection. It was fabulous! The materials were so rich, so luxurious, it was like a night at the palace :D

So what else did you see as highlights on the trends? What collection did you enjoy better?
Below are a few of my favs :)

Betsey Johnson - loved it!!!

Anna Sui
Alexander Wang

Iconic classic beauty at Carolina Herrera

Diane von Furstenberg

Herve Leger by Max Azria

Isaac Mizrahi

Lacoste - smiling girl!


Marc Jacobs

Naeem Khan
Rachel Roy
Rag and Bone
Look at those pants at Thakoon, they look like real corals !!!
Tommy Hilfiger
Victoriam Beckham was an interesting subject, wasn't it?

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  1. Adore this catwalk line up Diane so punchy!My fave is the orange. Holding a Topshop giveaway over on My Passport to Style if you want to enter! Sharon xx

  2. gorgeous pictures. :) my favorite is the isaac mizrahi dress, although i love the smiling girl for lacoste. personally, i think models should smile more often on the runaway; they look all the more beautiful. :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Diane, so glad you like my Topshop scarf giveaway, but to be eligible for a entry you need to put a link up in the top right of your sidebar till the competition ends in march! Let me know when you have put the link up (use the Topshop image) all details top right of my side bar.Good luck! Sharon xx

  4. Hi Diane! Good to read your review and your picks! :)
    Ohh and you had commented on the more serious blog of mine but I have a design blog too: http://frenchleaving.blogspot.com Thanks! :)


  5. I also found that VELVET was EVERYWHERE. Not sure how I feel about that. I don't mind velvet, but if I see it all over the place, I'll get sick of it! Haha.

    And I love Betsey Johnson, too. I can totally see her as some crazy lady. I love it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Betsey and Anna Sui were def great! I loved the colors and the volume they had going

  7. Love this report because it puts me in the know of what is happening.I am not following the catwalks except from what I read on blogs and this one was a good one. The isaac Mizrahi dress is stunning-

    B* a la MOda

  8. I love Anna Sui, Alexander Wang, and Marchesa! I do love wearing nude colors- need to incorporate more into my wardrobe!!

  9. wonderful looks!!!

    and i like your blog!!!! have to follow it :)

  10. love that first pic x

    For everything about fashion:

  11. Great styles! I'm enjoying all of the blues too@

  12. Great post, I see some interesting items! ;)

  13. amazing collections, everybody had theirs and i m loving it all!

  14. I love that smiling girl from LaCoste... such a visual delight. xoxo

  15. Actually I liked the collection from Victoria Beckham!
    Have a great week!

  16. These are all so fabulous!!! You have a great eye. They're all classic, modern, and a ltitle edgy.


  17. gorgeous
    loving the photos
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, love it!


  18. Alexander Wang FTW
    loveed it
    and I actually kinda liked Victoria Beckham's stuff..weird I know

    Enter my giveaway to win a beret for spring!


  19. DVF FTW!
    (go acronyms! no not really...)


  20. oh hahha, yeah i missed titles all the time!

  21. You hit the nail on the hude. Blue and nude are EVERYWHERE and I'm lovin' it!

  22. Lacoste is such a winner! I have never seen a smiling runway model and she looks great!

    I like all your pics, will have to check out FW!

  23. My personal favorite is Naeem Khan! i just love the entire collection. totally made to flatter a woman's body.


  24. I love that last one by Victoria Beckham. The colour is stunning.